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Maritime Case Process

If you have been injured on the water, contact a maritime lawyer right away.  The maritime case process consists of 11 steps that you’ll want to get started on right away.  If you have been injured on a cruise ship, you must contact a Florida maritime lawyer.  After contacting our office, we have a system in place to make sure your claim is prosecuted quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, as valuable to the client as possible.

Typically, the process of making a maritime claim is as follows:

  1. Incident
  2. A client seeks medical treatment
  3. Sign up with LaBovick Law Group and Diaz
  4. Send out representation, preservation, and incident report letters
  5. The client receives medical treatment
  6. Send out requests for medical records to get an understanding of the client’s damages and value of the claim
  7. Send out demand for the true value of the claim
  8. If the demand is not met, file a lawsuit
  9. Discovery process (responses to discovery requests, depositions, etc.)
  10. Court-ordered mediation
  11. Trial

The LaBovick Law Groupand Diaz Law Group has a team dedicated to pursuing maritime injury cases.  If you have been injured on the water, call today for a free case evaluation.

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