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All the stuff we write in our website is only for general informational purposes. DO NOT rely on it as advice. We talk about a lot of stuff on the site, but every legal matter is different. If you read something here and ask us a question through our inquiry forms on the website, that also does NOT and will NOT EVER create an attorney-client relationship.

If you need legal or other professional advice, you must get a real consultation with an attorney who lets you know (either on the phone, in person, or with electronic letters/emails) that we understand your situation and agree to give you advice and/or take on your case. You must let us know your particular facts before we can even think about trying to help. But we want to help!

Our website is only the start; we must also make sure there are no legal conflicts in your case. Therefore, unless we tell you otherwise, any information you send us (through the Internet, mail, hand delivery, email, through our website(s) or any other way) cannot be a contract for legal services and will not be guaranteed as confidential. If you have questions about this disclaimer please call. We are friendly lawyers! Our reception department is second to none!