Wrongful Death

Boston Wrongful Death Lawyer
December 30, 2022 in

Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you recently lost a loved one in an accident, the West Palm Beach wrongful death attorneys at LaBovick Law Group want to extend their deepest condolences. We know what it is like to lose a family member, and we understand that while a lawsuit might be the last thing on your mind, your...
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May 3, 2022 in

4 Elements Of A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

To hold another party responsible after losing a loved one requires proving their negligence is what caused their wrongful death. Negligence is a legal term that defines a party’s failure to exercise the reasonable care expected of them in a particular situation. Establishing negligence requires demonstrating the following four elements.  Duty of Care Wrongful...
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Can You Sue a Nursing Home for Wrongful Death?

Nursing homes are required by law to provide elderly residents with a high level of care, but abuse and neglect take place in these settings shockingly often. If you believe a loved one was killed due to nursing home abuse, neglect, or negligence, you may have the right to sue for wrongful death.  When...
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March 2, 2022 in

How Do You Prove Wrongful Death?

To hold another party liable in a wrongful death claim requires proving that their negligence resulted in a person’s death. Negligence is a legal term used to refer to a party’s failure to use reasonable care in any given situation. Establishing negligence is the key to a successful claim and involves demonstrating the following...
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October 20, 2021 in

What Are the Different Types of Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death claims arise from preventable accidents or intentional violence that result in fatal injuries. There are four most common types of wrongful death claims brought in Florida. Auto Accident Claims Car accidents claimed the lives of more than 3,000 individuals in Florida in 2019. In the U.S, motor vehicle crashes are the most...
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October 12, 2021 in

What Qualifies as Wrongful Death?

When a person dies as a result of another individual or entity’s negligent actions, it is generally considered a wrongful death. For example, a doctor or other healthcare provider cannot be sued if a loved one dies from cancer. In contrast, a negligent act such as medical malpractice or driving while drunk or intentional...
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