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Assignment of Benefits Awareness

The Consumer Protection Coalition is an insurance front group located in Florida. The Consumer Protection Coalition tries to prejudice the public against trial lawyers. Read this post. It describes how “billboard trial lawyers” and “shady repair firms” are taking advantage of consumers by using the Assignment of Benefits to force insurance


Vegas Law Suits Popping Up

The first of the civil liability Las Vegas shooting death law suits was filed this week.  There will be many who are going to decry these lawsuits, and there will be a lot of them, as frivolous. There are many others who will cry out for justice for the victims


Dress Rules Too Follow When You Are At Trial

To win a personal injury case you must tone down your clothes and dress conservatively.  Do not dress powerfully or expensively. The more powerful you look the less a jury will help you!  However, you must still dress your part.  If you’re a GEICO claims adjuster, who was always against


Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Love My Lawfirm

I can’t believe I have been practicing law for 25 years! Over that time I have learned a lot about the legal profession.  But as much as I know about how to deal with a legal question, my real education was in how to deal with people.  I have learned


Lenovo Computers Are Programmed To Spy On You!

I hope Lenovo goes bankrupt fighting the thousands of lawsuits Superfish is going to cause them!  They deserve it!  ABC News broke a story that is driving me crazy.  We are investigating an upcoming class action case against Lenovo, Inc. for pre-installing spyware on their computers.  Yes, before you even


The Great Deception of Insurance Companies

We all have seen the ads and jingles. There is a reason why there are so many insurance company ads on TV and radio — it’s BIG BUSINESS, and business is booming! Just look at some of the reported revenue of the big insurers from 2013: State Farm (“Like a


Medical Care on Cruise Ships

With the recent United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit decision in Franza v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD. that now allows passengers the ability to sue the cruise line if they have been injured due to medical malpractice while onboard, the question becomes what is reasonable medical care


Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Teenagers

As we reach the middle of October there is more and more talk about the spooky holiday we end the month with…Halloween! Halloween is a time for candy, dressing up, trick-or-treating, and having fun. But it is important to remember to be safe throughout celebrating. The following is a list

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