How to Talk to Your Boss about Workers’ Compensation

Florida Workers’ Compensation is set up as a No-Fault law. What does that mean to you? If you’re injured in the workplace your company will generally pay for medical treatment and lost wage benefits regardless of who caused the injuries. However, there’s a reporting requirement associated with Workers’ Compensation as well-You must report the accident to a boss within 30 days of the accident. A lot of injured workers are fearful of losing their jobs due to workplace accidents. They would prefer to conceal the accident rather than report and face what they perceive as future mistreatment/etc. Prior to speaking to your boss call a Workers’ Compensation attorney. The Workers’ Compensation lawyers at LaBovick Law Group continually educate their clients as to their rights under the Workers’ Compensation System, and how to speak to their employer about the Florida Workers’ Compensation law.

Here’s an extremely helpful list of the top 5 ways to talk to your boss about Workers’ Compensation.


First and foremost tell the truth. Tell your boss or supervisor how you were injured. Tell him/her where the accident took place, the injuries you sustained and whether or not you need medical care. The greater detail the better. You truly want to outline exactly what you were doing at the time of the accident. Remember: A Workers’ Compensation injury is an accident while “working.  Thus, make sure to explain what task you were performing at the time of the accident.


It’s equally as important to tell your boss about the injuries you sustained. Tell your boss about every body part that is hurting you. Spare no detail. When reporting injuries it’s best practice to complain as much as possible about your pain/areas of pain. If you report a leg injury, but fail to mention your back pain, the Insurance Company may turn around and deny back treatment down the road. Be honest and upfront and provide specific information as to which body parts you hurt!


The worst possible time to speak to your boss about the accident is at a time he’s paying no attention to the conversation. Imagine you slipped and fell and severely injured your back. Your boss was on a lunch break and returned to the office immediately after the fall. You attempt to speak to him about the accident, however, while you’re talking to him he’s running a report. He may seem interested, however, in reality, he most likely didn’t listen to you. Thus, it may have gone in one ear and out of the other. The moral of the story, choose your conversations wisely. Pick a time when your boss is free to detail the accident. He will ultimately share the news with the Workers Compensation Insurance Company.


Once the accident is reported and you’re back at work, do not share any specific case information with your boss. All discussions between LaBovick Law Groupand Diaz and you, the injured worker, are confidential and privileged. However, if you share our talks with your boss that privilege is lost. Thus, feel free to update your boss about the doctors’ visits. However, do not discuss case information such as upcoming legal events and what your intentions are for this claim. We’ll advise you every step along the road to recovery.


In certain cases, the insurance company will settle the case and allow you to remain with the employer. Do not discuss the settlement with your boss. Many settlements have confidentiality clauses. If you converse with your boss about the settlement you’re in breach of the settlement and may forfeit the lump sum of money you received. Its best practice to solely discuss the Workers’ Compensation accident initially with your boss. Once the treatment begins you may absolutely talk about the treatment and any resulting absence from work.  However, any conversations outside of medical care should not take place with your boss. The less they know the better.

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