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Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You had a motorbike accident and you are still paying for the consequences of the situation. The legal process seems a long and tedious road.

Don’t worry because a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will be able to help you get the compensation you are looking for. Call for a free consultation.

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Motorbike accidents in Massachusetts are often caused by inattentive drivers, speeding, or poor road conditions.

Most Common Causes Of Motorbike Accidents

Motorbike accidents can result in minor or fatal consequences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is an unexpected situation.

Many incidents occur due to the negligence or fault of another driver. Here are some of the causes of these accidents:

  • Inattentive Drivers: Both drivers of cars and motorbikes can be distracted by answering mobile phones, eating, or doing other things while on the road.
  • Bad Weather Conditions: Storms, snow and hail can make the road slippery and cause accidents.
  • Speeding: This causes the driver to lose control of the car and incidents happen without thinking.
  • Drivers Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs: This also makes them lose control of the car or motorbike and causes accidents to occur.
  • Inexperienced Drivers: Both motorbikes and cars, lacking driving experience, can make the person unaccustomed to the road and lead to a collision.
  • Failure To Yield: Motorcycles may not be able to pass at intersections or crucial moments because of poor handling by a car driver. For example, a car turning left in front of a motorbike at an intersection or a sudden change of lane.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Road problems such as potholes, bad pavement and other causes cause cars or motorbikes to lose control.
  • Poor Handling Of The Car Or Motorbike: Not checking mirrors, passing in front of each other without gaps, or tailgating too much.

In any of these situations, the best option is to contact a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who will be with you at this difficult time. He will be able to guide you through the legal process and tell you what options you have for moving forward.

Different Types Of Motorbike Injuries In Massachusetts

Having an incident is a complicated situation because of the Motorcycle Accident Injury Severity and Compensation involved. You must act quickly and seek medical attention. 

You should also contact a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney to assist you with the Bodily Injury Liability in the legal process. Here are some of the most common injuries:

  • Head injuries
  • Organ injuries
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Limb injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Burns or skin injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Rashes

It is time for the community to become aware of the dangers of not wearing a helmet or wearing one that is not fitted. 

Respecting the Massachusetts Helmet Law reduces serious injuries in motorbike accidents. Some head injuries, for example, can have fatal consequences.

It is important to be aware that being part of an incident and not wearing a helmet will not be beneficial to your subsequent claim. This can be used against you.

Moreover, not wearing it is against legal regulations. It must be observed by all persons riding motorbikes.

Another thing that helps to be more protected is to wear reflective clothing so that you can be more visible at night. As well as wearing protective goggles to avoid anything that can get into your eyes.

The use of protective clothing such as appropriate jackets and trousers is also very beneficial. It can reduce the risk of severe injuries in accidents.

Participating in courses and listening to talks can raise the awareness of people in the community. This would prevent many incidents.

Recommendation Of Our Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: What To Do After A Motorbike Incident

Being involved in a motorbike accident is not a good experience for you and your family. Here are some of the things you should do after an incident:

  • Ask For Help: You should seek medical attention as soon as possible. See that the accident scene is safe for both you and the parties involved. Also call the police to ask for a report of what has happened. 
  • Document Everything You Need To: This will make your case strong. Collect information such as photos, videos, witness statements, personal details of the parties involved and everything related to the situation.
  • Keep All Records Of The Accident: Both reports, medical bills, treatment, medication, and any relevant payments that may later be of help in claiming damages.
  • Consult With A Legal Professional: Call a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to answer any questions you may have. This will help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and other damages.
Having an expert and trusted lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.
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You have three years to file a motorcycle accident claim in Massachusetts. A lawyer can guide you through the process, collect evidence, and fight for your rights.

The Types Of Compensation A Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney Will Fight For

You were part of a motorbike accident but the other party was at fault. This way, you can make a claim for the damages caused to you.

All cases are different so what you receive may vary depending on many factors and circumstances. A Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney will help you clarify your situation and provide you with the best options.

These are some of the compensations you can claim:

  • Medical Expenses: These are expenses incurred after the accident related to medical care, such as medical bills, treatment, rehabilitation, medication, transfers, among others.
  • Lost Wages: As a consequence of the accident, you cannot go to work. Therefore you will lose wages. This must be compensated.
  • Pain And Suffering: The accident caused you fear, anguish, stress. That is why all this pain must be analysed and you must be compensated.
  • Property Damage Claims: It is likely that your motorbike has suffered some damage, so repairs and replacements should be compensated.
  • Loss Of Quality Of Life: If because of the accident you are unable to do certain activities of daily living that you used to do, compensation should be given.

Comparative Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents must be taken into account because there are times when there are many parties involved in an accident and fault must be determined.

With this concept, you can recover damages even if you are partially responsible for the incident. But yes, what you receive will be less.

A Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will be the person who will be by your side from start to finish. He will thoroughly analyse the details of your case and work to win.

The Time Our Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Has To File A Lawsuit

Normally, you will have three years from the date of the incident for Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorneys to make a claim. After that time you will lose that right.

Even if the other person is fully responsible for the damage you have suffered, this time should not be spent. That is why you should act as soon as possible.

It is worth remembering that these deadlines of the Statute of Limitations for Motorcycle Accident Claims may vary depending on your situation. But the best thing to do is to speak to a professional as soon as it has happened to you.

Hiring Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorneys is important because you will know what you have to do and you will also be aware of the timing of the lawsuit.

The Benefits Of Hiring Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The benefits of Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyers will turn your situation around. What a professional wants is for you to recover and come out of the legal process with a good outcome.

It is tiring, both physically and mentally. That is why with professional help you can leave this problem in their hands.

Specialised lawyers are important because they have a deep knowledge of different laws like Lane Splitting and Filtering Laws and the legal system. Their experience in different cases will make them able to give you the best options.

They will do a careful investigation from the time of the accident to everything that happened afterwards. They will gather the necessary evidence and review reports, statements, records and of course, talk to Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction Experts.

What matters most to a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is that you receive the compensation you are waiting for. Because it is usual for insurance companies to try to give you less. But the goal of a professional is that you get what is right for you.

A lawyer will make an assessment of your damages, with all that this entails. This will make sure that what you receive truly reflects what you deserve.

He will act on your behalf in any situation. He will represent you in negotiations and if necessary in higher instances, such as at trial. And you will have a better chance of success. In this way you will be able to relax and think about your recovery.

Contacting Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyers is the best thing to do at a time like this. They will guide you step by step and lead you to the peace of mind you were looking for.

LaBovick Is The Solution: Contact Our Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You have been involved in a motorbike accident and you are suffering the consequences. It was a big change in your life and it is time to move on. So start taking action.

LaBovick is a law firm with over 30 years of experience in the field. We have offices throughout Massachusetts. So you can go to the one that is most convenient for you. The idea is that it won’t be a problem for you.

We have a lot of experience with clients who have gone through the same thing you have. But remember that all cases are different. So we need to take a closer look at what has happened to you. 

We have successful cases in Massachusetts and this helped us to be the firm with the best score in Google Reviews (4.8).

We know that the legal process is an extra stress for your life, that’s why our goal is Negotiating with Insurance Companies so that they don’t undercut what you deserve. 

It should be noted that insurance companies also complicate the process of collecting damages. That is why the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for Motorcyclists is very important.

We will also contact the best doctors in the area to take care of your recovery, with the best treatments.

Our goal is to listen to your story and provide you with personalized legal advice right from the start. We are based on commitment, communication and the pursuit of justice.

We focus all our attention on each client. We create value by exceeding expectations. We take ownership of needs and see mutually beneficial solutions.

We continue to strive for more knowledge and competence. We use advanced technology to provide services in a timely and easy manner. 

We work closely with every customer and want you to trust us. We respond to calls promptly, so don’t hesitate to contact us. With our knowledge we will know what is best for you. We will always work tirelessly to win.

Call now for a free consultation and case exploration. Don’t fight this battle alone. Our Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is here for you.

about Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The amount will depend on the circumstances of the case and the severity of the injuries. A lawyer will ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Because you need to file a claim and a lawyer will help you do it. Plus you have a better chance of winning your case.

Yes, because it has to be determined who was at fault. The insurance company will try to reduce the compensation. A lawyer will do justice for you.

You have three years from the date of the accident. This is stated in the Massachusetts Statute of Limitations.