Workers Compensation

January 20, 2022 in

Will workers’ compensation cover me if I have a construction related injury even though I am an independent contractor?

The purpose of the workers’ compensation system is to provide an expeditious remedy for employees regardless of fault and liability. Employers in Florida must maintain workers' compensation insurance coverage, with some exceptions. By providing coverage, employers are generally immune from civil liability for workplace injuries. If an employer fails to maintain coverage, an injured...
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November 29, 2021 in

The Top 10 Causes of Injuries in the Workplace

Workplace injuries often result in significant expenses for victims. In general, individuals who sustain on-the-job injuries should be able to recover compensation through the workers’ comp system in Florida. Here, we want to discuss the top ten causes of injuries in Florida workplaces. It is important to point out that individuals can sustain injuries...
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November 18, 2021 in

What will happen to my workers’ compensation benefits if my disability comes from the workplace accident and another condition?

If you get injured on the job in Florida, you may be wondering what effect if any, a prior condition may have on your benefits.  This is actually a threshold question, because the employer/carrier, (“E/C”), may not have to pay you anything depending on the impact of that prior condition.  By way of background,...
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LaBovick team
October 25, 2021 in

I denied prior injuries or conditions when I was hired, can I lose my workers’ compensation benefits?

  Workers’ Compensation laws in Florida are harsh and aimed at limiting your entitlement to benefits. This article will focus on the pre-employment questionnaires used by employers to make hiring decisions, and that what you say during this process can affect your rights to obtain future workers’ compensation benefits.  We will explore what the...
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Injured at Work Can I Sue | West Palm Beach Workers Compensation Lawyer | LaBovick Law Group of South Florida
September 21, 2021 in

What happens to my workers compensation benefits even if I am receiving social security disability, pension or unemployment benefits?

There are two types of benefits that you may be entitled to if you have a compensable workers’ compensation claim in Florida.  The first one is medical treatment and related expenses. The second one is compensation for lost earnings, often referred to as indemnity benefits. Indemnity benefits vary depending on the nature of your...
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west palm beach personal injury lawyer
August 10, 2021 in

What if you timely report your work related injury to your employer but you do not hear anything after that?

What if you get injured on the job and cannot return to work? You tell your supervisor about your injury right after it happens. You seek treatment at the local emergency room or urgent care center.  But then you do not hear anything at all from your employer about whether you will get compensated...
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May 26, 2021 in

Can I get workers compensation benefits even if I suffer from a pre-existing condition?

In order to have a compensable workers compensation claim in Florida, you need to prove that the accident arose out of and in the course of your employment.  In other words, the accident resulted from your work activity or performance of your job duties while you were employed and working. You will then need...
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5 Step Evaluation

Social security disability can be a complicated process, requiring several steps to proving you are disabled. The complication ultimately begins with how social security defines disability. Social security defines disability as, “the inability to do any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to...
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May 25, 2021 in

If I am out of work due to a work-related injury, do I have to look for work to be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits?

Under the Florida Workers Compensation Law, benefits are paid based upon disability.  Disability means an “incapacity because of the injury to earn in the same or any other employment the wages which the employer is receiving at the time of the injury”.  Basically, the amount of workers’ compensation benefits will be determined based upon...
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Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer | Personal Injury Lawyers in West Palm Beach | LaBovick Law Group of South Florida

Lawyer Up! Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer

A 2018 report from the American Bar Association showed that there were 1,338,678 practicing lawyers in the US. That's a significant increase from a decade earlier when numbers showed 1,162,124. That's a 15.2% growth spurt. Why are there so many more active attorneys? It seems that Americans require their legal assistance more often than...
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