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Palm Beach Gardens Personal Injury Lawyer

We understand that suffering a personal injury accident is traumatic. You must deal with the physical and emotional damages you are going through. In addition to dealing with the legal process and insurance companies.
Our Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer is ready to fight for you. Our LaBovick team’s goal is to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us for a free consultation.

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Get in touch with our team in Palm Beach Gardens and we will tell you what we can do to win the compensation you deserve. Free consultation and no fees until we win.

Why you need the help of a Palm Beach Gardens Personal injury lawyer

You were injured by a hit from a car, another cyclist, or have suffered any other accident due to someone else’s wrongful action. You may have a personal injury case that entitles you to financial compensation.

At LaBovick Law Group we aggressively fight for our client’s rights in cases like these but also want to contribute to making the city a safer place.

Whether you have been in a bicycle or automobile accident, or have been injured by someone else’s negligence, our team will evaluate your case without charge.

To obtain the best compensation, an attorney must file a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company or file a lawsuit against them.

Having a legal professional is beneficial because he has knowledge of local laws and will handle the legal process from start to finish.

Contact a Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer for legal advice on how to proceed. All of our LaBovick attorneys are trustworthy, have timely communication, and want to help you achieve maximum compensation.

We are passionate about winning your case and ensuring that you have a lifetime access to professional care and resources.

Having an expert and trusted lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.

Most common causes of personal injury accidents in Palm Beach Gardens

A personal injury is a form of bodily injury or emotional harm by one individual who acted negligently or carelessly toward another. The victim must prove that he or she suffered direct injury through the fault of another person.

Some of the most common accidents are car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, among others.

Each injury is different. Therefore, the evaluation of your case will depend on the documentation and reports that you present. 

To face this situation, the best decision is to have a personal injury attorney Palm Beach Gardens on your side to help you go through the entire legal process. We don’t recommend that you do it alone because you must understand the case law and the details of everything that needs to be done.

Palm Beach Gardens injury lawyers recommendations: What to do if you are injured

Our Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer recommends this because you are injured and you have to act quickly. The most important thing is to follow a series of steps:

  • Seek medical attention: This will help you to recover properly. It’s also important for the legal process because you will need to present documentation of the medical reports.
  • Call the police: If you were injured in an accident, it is important that you call the police and ask for a report of what happened. This will be useful later in the legal process.
  • Document all the details of the accident: Photos, videos, personal information of the people involved, place of the incident.
  • Try not to talk to insurance companies: They will try to offer you less compensation than you deserve. The best thing to do is to first talk to a lawyer.
  • Call our Palm Beach Gardens injury lawyers: To do things correctly, the solution is to have an attorney to help you at all times. The professional will have all the knowledge to enforce your rights and fight for your justice.

Your case is different from another, that’s why we act in a personalized way with each one. We will give you legal advice and clear all your doubts.

Contact us so we can help you. Having a lawyer on your side is the best option to resolve your case and achieve your recovery.

The most common types of personal injuries in Palm Beach Gardens

Personal injuries are very difficult to deal with. Especially because of the physical and emotional damage they entail. The first thing you should do is seek medical attention and contact an attorney.

These are the most common personal injuries:

  • Slip and fall injuries: These occur in areas that are slippery or uneven. These types of accidents can happen when you least expect them.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: Include collisions between two cars or rollovers among others. Most are caused by driver speed, distractions or driving errors.
  • Defective product injuries: Sometimes poorly manufactured or mislabeled products can cause injuries. They can result in burns, sprains or fractures.
  • Workplace accidents: These are caused while the person is performing their job and there is not enough control of the task being performed, or if something unexpected happens on the job.
  • Dog bites: These are injuries caused by animals.
  • Head or brain injuries: These are injuries that cause concussions that can be of big consequence in the future.
  • Back and spine injuries: These are serious injuries caused by severe accidents. Herniated discs or spinal cord injuries are generated.
Having an expert and trusted lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.
We are here to help you!
Palm Beach Gardens Personal Injury Lawyer

Cases we handle in Palm Beach Gardens

You should not have to deal with the consequences of a traumatic event by yourself.  If you have suffered an accident in Palm Beach Gardens, the LaBovick team will fight to win your case and connect you with the correct resources to help you through your recovery. Get in touch with our team in Palm Beach Gardens and we will tell you what we can do to win the compensation you deserve. Free consultation and no fees until we win.

Whether you have been injured in your workplace or in the street, such as a dog bite or pedestrian accident, you will be dealing with consequences that impact your daily life. Because of this, you may be entitled to compensation which we will make sure you get.

The LaBovick Law Group in Palm Beach Gardens specializes in obtaining maximum compensation for clients who have personal injury, social security disability, or workers’ compensation cases.

Call us and we will evaluate your case without charge.

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Get in touch with our Warriors for Justice at our Palm Beach Gardens office for the best team of attorneys.

The time our Palm Beach Gardens injury lawyers have to file a claim

Suffering a personal injury accident is a hard situation, and you should be compensated for the damages you have suffered. The best option is to file a claim with the insurance company.

You should do this with the help of a Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer so that they don’t take advantage of the situation and actually give you what you deserve. Our attorney has the job of negotiating with the insurance company and making sure you fight for your rights. 

If they are not willing to provide the right amount for you, a personal injury lawsuit will be filed. The Statute of Limitations of Florida says that you have a time limit of two years after the incident to do so.

How to work with experienced attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens

After going through a personal injury accident you may feel overwhelmed with the situation. But working with experts in the law is a great help in obtaining compensation for the damages you have been caused.

Our team at Labovick has the following benefits:

  • Committed legal team: Our attorney will work from the first contact so that you win your case and receive what you expected.
  • Free initial consultation: Our attorney will listen to your story and pay attention to every detail. He will do everything necessary to investigate and gather evidence. The first exploration of your case will be free of charge.
  • Investigation: Our attorney will do everything possible to obtain the evidence necessary to build a solid case.
  • Ongoing communication: Our attorney maintains ongoing attorney-client communication. He will update you on the steps he is taking and tell you how to proceed at all times.
  • Skillful negotiation: Our attorney will talk to the insurance companies or the other party so that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. They will try to lower that value but the professional will not allow it.
  • Representation in court: Our attorney may have the challenge of not being able to negotiate with the other party. In that case he will represent you in court and present your case to a judge and/or jury at trial.
  • Financial viability: Our attorney will receive compensation only if he wins your case. It is based on a contingency agreement.

All of these aspects demonstrate how positive it is to have a lawyer representing you. You can rest easy and leave your case in the hands of an experienced professional.

Call the LaBovick team who will be happy to represent you and fight your case to the end. Our goal is that you get what you deserve.

What I can receive for my personal injury case in Palm Beach Gardens

Each case is different from the other. That’s why it’s important a Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer evaluate all aspects of what happened to you in particular. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover both economic and non-economic damages:

  • Economic damages: What you want to do is to compensate in a material way for the damages you have suffered: for example present and future bills, prescription medications, travel expenses, hospital expenses.
  • Non-economic damages: These are the most difficult to calculate because they are related to the emotional damages you have suffered as a result of the injury. Such as pain and suffering, anguish, stress, inability to perform certain activities, loss of what your life used to be.

For these reasons it’s important to have our Palm Beach Gardens injury lawyers by your side. Our LaBovick team wants to help you so you don’t go through this process alone. Having a legal professional is essential to help you fight for your justice. 

Facing the challenges ahead is difficult when there is no one who has the relevant legal knowledge. Call our experienced attorney for a free consultation.

We have the solution: Our Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer will fight for your rights

We know that going through a personal injury accident is not easy. You have to deal with the full burden on your shoulders and that’s why we want to make the road easier for you.

A personal injury lawyer wants to help you. We are a group of attorneys with more than 30 years of experience in this field, with offices throughout Florida so you can have your lawyer close by.

We have many success stories. Thanks to that we are the firm with the best score in Google Reviews (4.8).

We want to accompany you in this process. That’s why our Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer will stand up to the insurance companies for you and contact the best doctors to follow your recovery.

In addition, we don’t want you to worry about money. We work on a contingent fee basis, which means you won’t pay us until we win your case. 

We are here for you. Call our Palm Beach Gardens injury lawyers for a free case exploration and consultation. We want to fight for your rights and get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Injured at your workplace in Palm Beach Gardens?

We know that Palm Beach Gardens can be a dream town to work in but we want to make sure you always feel protected as a worker.

Jobs in hospitality, for example, can get very intense with popular events like the PGA Championship. Your employer should make certain that your working conditions are safe, even where large crowds gather.

If you become physically or psychologically ill because of a situation related to your job, you are entitled to claim for financial compensation and medical care.

Our LaBovick team has experience and legal knowledge on the jurisdictions and labor laws in Palm Beach Gardens that can help you after an unjust situation.

Get in touch with our Warriors for Justice at our Palm Beach Gardens office for the best team of attorneys.

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4.8/5 in +750 Google Reviews

about Palm Beach Gardens Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are injured, you should call a physician to assist you in your recovery. Then document everything that happened in the accident that will later be needed in the legal process such as photos, videos, information about the people involved. We recommend that you hire an attorney to be on your side during the process.

At LaBovick we want to help you deal with your case. That’s why you don’t have to pay anything until we win your case.

We want you to worry about your recovery, while getting the maximum compensation you deserve.

Depending on the cause of the injury, the severity and all the factors surrounding your case, you may be entitled to different compensations. Whether it is medical compensation, bills you have paid, costs for the suffering you have endured, loss of income, among others. Remember that your case is different from others. So these factors may vary.

No, in some cases it’s not necessary to file a lawsuit. Your attorney can pre-negotiate before it comes to that. Talking to a legal professional is always necessary to do what works best for you. It will also help you receive the compensation you deserve and under no circumstances will you receive less.

Useful information about Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens is a beautiful city with large extensions of green areas, open air venues, and delightful beaches.

The city of Palm Beach Gardens is located in Palm Beach County, with about 60,000 residents, according to the 2020 Census. During golf events, the city becomes more crowded with people from new places visiting. This can not only lead to traffic increase but also to bike and car accidents, so it is important to stay safe.

If anything happens, call us and our LaBovick team will help you with whatever you need. We are available 24/7.

Useful Information

The Fire Rescue Headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, is located at 10500 N Military Trail.

The fire rescue team is responsible for responding to fire and medical emergencies within the city limits of Palm Beach Gardens and is comprised of firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs who are all certified to respond to emergencies.

The fire rescue team is also trained to provide medical aid and assistance to those who are injured or ill. If you need help you can contact them at 561-838-5454

The Police Department in Palm Beach Gardens is located at 345 South County Road. The department can be reached by phone at 561-838-5454.

This department is responsible for the safety of the community, and it provides a variety of services to the residents of Palm Beach Gardens. The department offers a 24-hour dispatch service, and it also provides crime prevention and community outreach programs.

If you need an emergency room in Palm Beach Gardens, you may consider this two options.

One of the most popular is Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center which is located at 3360 Burns Rd in Palm Beach Gardens, you can call them at 561-622-1411.

Another option exclusively for childrens is Palm Beach Gardens Children´s Hospital which is located at 901 45th Street in Palm Beach Gardens, you can call them at (561) 844-6300.

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