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Passenger Injured After Cruise Ship Chooses To Sail Through Storm

Passenger Bruce Simpson has filed a federal lawsuit against Royal Caribbean for the injuries he sustained on his fateful trip.  According to Simpson, he was hanging onto his bed as the ship pitched back and forth, sometimes tipping at a 45-degree angle.  When Simpson let go of the bed to use the restroom, he claims the ship pitched violently and flung him nearly 18 feet, head first, into the exit door of his cabin, knocking him unconscious.

Royal Caribbean, in a previous statement, claimed that the storm was unexpected and the winds speeds were higher than initially forecasted.  However, meteorologists have come out strongly against that statement.  The National Weather Service has said that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ocean Prediction Center was alerting to a strong storm four days in advance of its formation and issued an alert of the storm developing hurricane-force winds.

Simpson and his attorney believe that Royal Caribbean put profits ahead of passenger safety by trying to keep the cruise on schedule.  They believe that Royal Caribbean knew of the risks of the storm, but chose to sail through it anyways merely to save money.

The cruise industry is big business.  These ships are similar to floating hotels with passenger numbers just shy of 5,000 people (not including crew).  Just like hotels, oftentimes these corporations choose aesthetics and profits over guest or passenger safety.  Sure those marble floors look pretty, but should a liquid be spilled they get extremely slippery.

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