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Articles about Personal Injury

How Much Compensation Will I Get For a Burn?

Understanding Burn Injury Compensation At LaBovick Law Group, we understand how devastating a burn injury can be. Determining how much compensation will I get for a burn is a common and crucial question for those facing this type of trauma. Several factors influence the compensation you can receive, including the


Diminished Value Claims in Florida

Introduction Diminished value claims in Florida are an important aspect of vehicle accident aftermaths that many car owners might not be fully aware of. When a vehicle is involved in an accident, its market value can significantly decrease, even after repairs are made. This reduction in value, known as diminished


What Happens When You Reject an Insurance Settlement Offer

Understanding Insurance Settlement Offers What is an Insurance Settlement Offer? An insurance settlement offer is a proposal from an insurance company to a claimant to resolve a claim for damages or losses. When an individual files a claim after an incident such as a car accident, the insurance company investigates


In Florida, Who Has The Right-Of-Way?

Understanding Right-of-Way in Florida What is Right-of-Way? In Florida, the concept of right-of-way is essential for ensuring safe and efficient traffic flow. Right-of-way refers to the legal right of one vehicle or pedestrian to proceed in a particular direction before others. It is not automatically given but must be yielded

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