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Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer

You are going through a difficult time because you experienced a collision that you did not expect. It changed your life forever and you want to go through the complex legal process.

Our Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer will help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation.

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A Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer can help you with insurance claims and fight for your compensation.

Most Common Types Of Truck Accidents In Massachusetts

It is very common for people to carry heavy loads in trucks. But dangerous driving can lead to many unexpected accidents, even in Wrongful Death Claims from Truck Accidents. These situations occur in Massachusetts.

These types of collisions usually happen on highways. Here are some of the most commonly seen in this area:

  • Rear-end Collisions: Occur when the truck hits another vehicle from the rear, this happens due to distractions, approaching each other, etc.
  • Intersection Accidents: Occur when making wrong turns, running a red light, or other driving errors.
  • Lane Changes: These occur when you fail to see others in your mirrors and suddenly change lanes.
  • Rollover Accidents: These occur when driving at high speeds, improper driving, improper manoeuvres, and so on.
  • Weather-related Accidents: These occur when there are storms, snow or hail and the roads are not in good condition.
  • Accidents Due To Distractions: Occur when the driver is doing something else at the time, such as looking at the mobile phone, changing the radio or GPS, among others.
  • Mechanical Failure Accidents: These occur when the vehicle fails to respond properly due to an internal fault.

In any of these situations, the best thing to do is to contact a Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer to help you with your case. They will be the best option to guide you through the process.

What To Do After A Truck Accident In Massachusetts

Going through a truck accident is a complicated situation because you have a lot of doubts about how to act quickly.

The important thing is to stay calm and take the following steps:

  • Call 911: To notify the accident, you should contact the police. It is important to have a report from them that will later help you with the case.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Check to see if you and the people involved in the accident are okay, and at the same time even if in doubt, it is best to seek medical attention. The medical report will also help with the case.
  • Gather Information: Take photos and videos of the scene, and ask for all personal details of the people involved. Also, if there are witnesses, ask for their phone numbers. 
  • Seek Legal Help From A Professional: The best thing to do is to contact a Massachusetts Truck Accident Attorney to find out what you need to do. He will stand up to the insurance company and fight for your justice.

Injuries That Can Be Caused By Truck Accidents

Catastrophic Injuries in Truck Accidents can be mild to severe. Unfortunately, the latter can permanently change your life. 

That’s why when you are in an accident, you really need to get medical attention. These are the most common injuries you may see:

  • Brain Injuries: These are injuries that occur directly to the head and can have terrible consequences.
  • Muscle And Ligament Injuries: These can end in injuries such as sprains and others.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: These can result in complete paralysis.
  • Fractures: This type of accident can result in fractures in different parts of the body.
  • Burns: It can happen that there is an explosion that burns a part of your skin.
  • Whiplash: These accidents can cause cervical problems and other chronic pain.

These are some of the damages you may have, to fight for what has happened to you, contact a Massachusetts Truck Accident Attorney. He will know how to help you out of this difficult path.

Having an expert and trusted lawyer is essential. Our team of Warriors for Justice will relentlessly fight for your rights.
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Abogado de Accidentes de Camión en Massachusetts

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A Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer investigates accidents, determines liability, and negotiates with insurance companies to get you compensation.

The Process Of A Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer Making A Claim

Truck drivers have a duty to follow specific driving rules and, like everyone else, to ensure that their actions protect the safety of others on the road. Such as Hours of Service Regulations.

But sometimes circumstances change everything and accidents happen. An attorney will help you navigate the legal process in the best possible way.

Generally, a Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer will follow these steps: 

  • Investigation: He will make a thorough analysis of the evidence related to the situation, in order to present a strong case. He will also look for who is responsible for what has happened.
  • Analyse The Damages: You will see what compensation you deserve for the damages you have received from the accident.
  • Confrontation With The Insurance Companies: You will talk to the insurance companies to negotiate so that they do not lower the price of what you are really entitled to.
  • Prepare And Submit The Claim: After collecting all the information, you will submit the claim to the intervening parties. You will fight throughout the process to win.
  • Settlement Negotiations: An attempt is made to reach an agreement without going to trial.
  • Mediation: If direct negotiations are unsuccessful, the parties may use a neutral mediator to reach an agreement.
  • Trial: A judge or jury will hear arguments from both sides and a decision will be made.

Understanding Liability In Truck Accidents

Trucking Accident Liability is a very delicate situation that lawyers have to go through. With his experience and legal knowledge of Commercial Vehicle Regulations and Driver Qualification Files he will look for and make an analysis to recognise the party who has to pay for the damage caused.

There are many areas of liability to consider:

  • The Truck Driver: He may be liable for the accident if he acted improperly on the road, such as if he was distracted, avoided a traffic rule or for other reasons.
  • The Truck Driver’s Employer: He may be liable for the driver’s activity. Especially if he is at a time when he is working.
  • The Owner Of The Truck: If the truck was being rented, the owner may be liable. Also if there were technical defects in the vehicle.
  • Responsibility Of The Client: It may be that the loading of the truck or how the cargo was loaded, the customer who contracted this may be at fault.
  • Third Party Liability: If there were other external parties involved in the accident, they will also be liable.

It takes a careful investigation to accuse a party of responsibility. Trucking Company Liability requires a lot of research. There must be a lot of evidence and documentation to be sure that this is the case. 

A Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer will be the person in charge of gathering the information against the party and seeking fair compensation for you.

Damages That A Massachusetts Truck Accident Attorney Can Claim In A Lawsuit

Being the victim of a truck accident is complicated. We know that the legal process is hard to go through. But our attorney wants to help you during the path.

There are parties involved who may be liable for the damages that were caused to you.

Of course the person who has caused the incident must pay. These are some of the damages you will be asked to repair:

  • Medical Damages: For example medical treatments, surgeries, medications, hospital transfers and all health related expenses.
  • Lost Wages: If the damages prevent a person from going to work or if he loses work days, it is only fair that he receives compensation for the lost wages.
  • Loss Of Enjoyment Of Life: After the accident there will be things that will change in your life, and injuries that will prevent you from doing activities. This must be paid for.
  • Pain And Suffering: Emotional damages include pain and suffering, fears, stress, therapies.
  • Material Damage: This includes the cost of repairs to be made to the truck as a result of the accident or replacement of the vehicle with another vehicle.

It is important to hire a Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer who can assess the damages and give you the best options for compensation.

The Time I Have To File A Claim In Mass

The Statute of Limitations sets out the time a person has to file a claim. It is very important to act quickly because after that time the right is lost.

In Massachusetts, this time is three years from the time of the accident to file a claim. It should be noted that this is the regulatory time. But situations may vary depending on the case.

There are some exceptions that may affect the demand time. That is why it is essential to have a Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer on your side. 

He will assist you at all times to meet the necessary deadlines and fight for you from the beginning of the lawsuit to the end.

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about Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer

Because he will guide you after the tragic accident. The legal process has many steps that are made easier if you go through it with help.

You can claim for accident expenses, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, serious injuries, loss of quality of life, among others.

Under the Massachusetts Statute of Limitations you have three years from the date of the truck accident to file a claim.

The first thing to do is to call 911 to report it, seek medical attention and then record the scene with as much information as possible.