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September 21, 2021 in

What happens to my workers compensation benefits even if I am receiving social security disability, pension or unemployment benefits?

There are two types of benefits that you may be entitled to if you have a compensable workers’ compensation claim in Florida.  The first one is medical treatment and related expenses. The second one is compensation for lost earnings, often referred to as indemnity benefits. Indemnity benefits vary depending on the nature of your...
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September 14, 2021 in

7 Delayed Car Crash Symptoms Not to Ignore

Car crash injuries are often immediately apparent, but others can have hidden or delayed symptoms. Because delayed symptoms can be a sign of severe trauma, seeing a doctor immediately after a crash is critical for your health. Be aware of the following seven delayed car crash injury symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored. Headaches Headaches...
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September 13, 2021 in

Protected: [Study] High Collision Areas for Teenage Drivers in Florida

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September 6, 2021 in

What Is the Most Common Cause of Car Crash Deaths?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 36,096 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2019, which is actually down 2.0 percent from 2018. Drunk driving could be attributed to almost a third of those fatalities. Drunk Driving Statistics 10,142 people were killed in alcohol-impaired accidents in 2019. (NHTSA) 30 people in...
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September 1, 2021 in

What Are the Legal Rights of Nursing Home Residents?

The quality of nursing home care in Florida is an increasing concern. The state and the federal government have established regulations with respect to how residents should be treated and the minimum standards of care. Nursing Home Reform Act The 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act established the Resident’s Bill of Rights, which grants those...
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August 20, 2021 in

How Long Can You Be on Social Security Disability?

Injured workers have the option to apply for Social Security Disability benefits for long-term disabilities. Compensation under this program will typically last as long as you are disabled. However, certain circumstances can make you ineligible to continue receiving benefits. Get the SSD benefits you deserve & hire a West Palm Beach social security disability...
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August 12, 2021 in

Florida Motorcycle Accident FAQs

After being involved in a motorcycle accident, you probably have a lot of questions. Here we provide information to assist you with understanding your rights and hopefully get you started on the right track. What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident? The moments immediately following a motorcycle accident are the most critical period...
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August 10, 2021 in

What if you timely report your work related injury to your employer but you do not hear anything after that?

What if you get injured on the job and cannot return to work? You tell your supervisor about your injury right after it happens. You seek treatment at the local emergency room or urgent care center.  But then you do not hear anything at all from your employer about whether you will get compensated...
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August 10, 2021 in

What is Idiopathic Neuropathy and is it disabling?

Idiopathic neuropathy is a condition affecting your sensory and motor nerves with no obvious underlying etiology. The term idiopathic means any condition which arises spontaneously or from an unknown cause. The root cause of a lot of conditions are largely unknown. Neuropathy is one of those conditions that can start suddenly with no known...
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August 10, 2021 in

What is Dumping Syndrome?

Dumping syndrome, also known as the rapid gastric emptying syndrome is a medical condition where your stomach empties its contents into the small intestine faster than normal. Typically, when you eat food takes several hours to pass through your digestive tract into your intestines. People suffering from dumping syndrome often experience symptoms such as...
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