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PIP in Florida: How Much Does it Pay and Is It For Me?

Florida has the highest number of car accidents compared to other states. The Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department of Florida noticed increasing car accidents. In fact, 403,696 car accidents occurred in Florida in 2018. The startling statistic is a 0.31% increase from the previous year. Car accidents tend to


PIP Insurance Victory for Medical Providers

Personal injury protection (PIP) is an extension of automobile insurance designed to cover medical expenses as well as lost wages and funeral expenses. PIP insurance, often referred to as no-fault coverage, is mandatory in Florida. Therefore, Florida medical providers frequently bill auto insurance companies to get reimbursement for medical services


Legislative PIP Session 2018 Recap

Spring is in the air! The clocks have sprung ahead, Spring breakers will soon add to the season crush, and Florida PIP survived the FL House’s spring session ax again. Here at the LaBovick Law Group, we are pleased, for a number of reasons, to have another year without the concern


PIP Will Survive Past 2019 Regardless of Legislation

Many of you have heard the rumblings about PIP’s demise in Tallahassee.  Specifically, the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Senate are contemplating bills that would repeal and replace Florida PIP with a mandatory Bodily Injury system.  Our No-Fault system would be transformed into a fault-based system and no longer


Garrison and State Farm Class Actions

A class action has been proposed against both State Farm and Garrison. Your medical practice may have claims for which action is required or your ability to recover funds could be lost. At this time, we are awaiting the Judges who are overseeing the Class Action lawsuits to accept the


PIP Deductible Ruling

Geico Billed Amount Class Action and What it Means to You We here at LaBovick Law Group would like to report another victory for Medical Providers in the great State of Florida!  The Fifth District Court of Appeals recently ruled on a crucial issue impacting all Medical Providers billing Florida

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