Professional Staff

DINA LOTZ Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

I’ve had the privilege of being part of the LaBovick Law Group team for more than 11 years. As the Chief Operating Officer, I work in many capacities with our amazing team of attorneys and staff. I am passionate about serving those around me to ensure they have the tools, resources, processes, and support to do the exceptional work LaBovick Law Group is known for.

JASON HADRAVA Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As the Chief Technology Officer for LaBovick for more than 6 years, I focus on planning and executing strategies that are “outside the box” — because that is what it takes in technology today. I work closely with our development team, overseeing software development and providing support for our custom-built applications. I’m driven by the knowledge that there is a solution to every problem, and I will work tirelessly to find it.

PAULA SABALAIN Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

As the Chief Marketing Officer with LaBovick Law Group, I have found that my nature combined with my work experience has given me the skills to connect with and understand people. I believe marketing is all about understanding and communicating value, and I am passionate about sharing the value of working with the professionals at LaBovick Law Group.


As Controller for LaBovick Law Group, I believe good decisions are based on good information, so I truly love providing people with the financial best information possible for their decision making. Like many of us here at LaBovick, I’m very service-oriented, because communities thrive best when their members are personally invested. I also love gardening, trying new foods, and opening our home to our large family and neighbors.

JESSIKA DELEON Intake Team Manager

I really enjoy being Intake Team Manager at LaBovick Law Group because I have the opportunity to work closely with our team, clients, and potential clients, and helping people is part of who I am. I love that our firm fights hard for our clients because I fight for what I believe in, and I think it’s a meaningful part of our vision. I’m passionate about serving others, enjoying family time, and taking on DIY projects.

LILIANA DAVIDSON Manager, Bus. Dev. & Client Relations

As a twice-satisfied client of LaBovick Law Group before joining the team as a consultant in 2014, I then took the plunge to “own it” 100% in 2015 and am so glad I did. Now the Manager of Business Development and Client Relations, I am passionate about working with such an innovative firm and recovering money for medical practitioners who provide treatment to accident patients. I also enjoy reading, cooking with family, creating art, and traveling.

NATALIE EISEN Business Development & Referral Specialist

Working closely with our clients is a passion of mine, as I love meeting new people, establishing meaningful relationships, and solving problems they have. I think it’s important for everyone to receive the justice they deserve, no matter who they are, and I believe our team works hard to make that happen. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and cooking.