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Why You Should Choose LaBovick Law Group for Your Maritime Case

You wouldn’t have an electrician fix your plumbing, so why would you hire a personal injury attorney that doesn’t practice in maritime cases?

Hiring an attorney is an important thing to do if you have been injured by the negligence of another in order to protect your rights.  Hiring the RIGHT attorney is even more important.  There are many different attorneys out there specializing and tailoring their practices to certain areas of the law.  The attorneys at the LaBovick Law Group have dedicated their practices to the injured.  Specifically, we have a team that concentrates its practice on maritime injury claims.  Hiring an attorney knowledgeable in the differences involved in maritime vs. land-based cases is extremely important to get the most out of your claim.  We represent those injured on cruise lines, cruise excursions, recreational boats, diving accidents, and Jones Act (injured seamen) cases.   If you have been injured on the water, call today for a free case evaluation.

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