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The Value LaBovick Law Group Brings to Your Case

You may have noticed a large number of television advertisements suggesting certain law firms will recover a large sum of money for you. These commercials may have piqued your interest. However, the question in the back of your mind may be how do I know that a law firm will fight for my rights and secure me the best possible outcome? We, the Palm Beach lawyers at LaBovick Law Group, are the warriors for the justice you need. We apply a client and service-centric approach.  We strive for excellence on a daily basis.  Our overarching goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.  We are not about making a quick buck or two; rather, we are about maintaining a client relationship for life.  The true “value” of LaBovick can be measured by the attention to detail and knowledge in our respective practice areas.  To measure the value of a South Florida attorney requires diving deep into the “culture” and “experience”  a law firm has established.  The value we, the Palm Beach lawyers at LaBovick Law Group add, is priceless. Why?


We, the Palm Beach Lawyers at LaBovick Law Group, very much care about our clients’ “wants” and “needs.”  The law firm is consumer-based.  We do NOT represent corporations or insurance companies.  We do not turn down cases because of the level of difficulty.  We know every client has a unique background and perspective.  Initial consultations are free of charge.  We want to get to know our clients and make sure they understand their goals in pursuing a particular case.  We are true and tested.  We anticipate client needs to formulate plans of attack.  We strive to frequently update clients. We provide realistic expectations of timelines and deadlines.

LaBovick Law Group lawyers prosecute cases to the nth degree.

LaBovick Law Group lawyers are on call 24/7 365 days a year.

The value of a client-centered approach is priceless.


We, the lawyers at LaBovick Law Group, are warriors for justice.  We strive to litigate cases to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.  LaBovick Law Group employs the top attorneys in their respective fields.  We do not simply file a case and settle it; we take a case to trial to ensure the client recovers every penny due and owed.  We fight the most difficult of issues. We will not back down when odds are stacked against them.  We “walk the walk and talk the talk.”  We, the Palm Beach Lawyers at LaBovick Law Group provide a unique and priceless service and bring significant value to how they litigate cases.


We, the LaBovick Law Group’s West Palm Beach lawyers, strive for professional excellence.  We set precedent.  We do not wait for others to create law.  Our lawyers practice throughout the State of Florida. We practice throughout the court system, whether Federal, Trial or Appellate.  We travel throughout the State of Florida conducting seminars and teaching the public about the respective areas of law we practice.  We attend continuing education seminars to ensure the latest interpretation of case law. We, the LaBovick Law Group attorneys, pledge to be one step ahead of the insurance company and/or at-fault party.  We are committed to professional excellence and to the pursuit of justice for all of our clients.

We do not back down from a fight.  We will take your meritorious case to trial.  We are on call 24/7, 365 days a week. Whether a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall, accident at work, or a maritime injury, and many more types of claims, we, the Palm Beach lawyers at LaBovick Law Group provide an invaluable service and maximize the value of a case at no cost to our clients!

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