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Others may be smarter, faster, or stronger... but I will fight until I win.

LaBovick Law Group is a trial law firm that fights for the injured throughout Florida. Our Florida trial attorneys are passionate about serving those who have been wronged and tenacious when it comes to winning their cases. In every case we take on, we are warriors of justice for our clients and make it our mission to recover maximum compensation on their behalf.

If you have been injured, our attorneys will fight for your best interests and prevent your claim from being undervalued. We aim to protect our clients and to be a source of comfort during a challenging time. At LaBovick Law Group, we are dedicated to representing clients in cases involving personal injury, social security disability, and workers’ compensation, and have the background and experience to back it up.

Why are we the right law firm for you?

At LaBovick Law Group, we believe in maximizing justice by aggressively fighting for our clients’ rights.

We will fight to win your case: We will do what it takes to win your case and recover maximum compensation for you – and our results are proof of that. In a pedestrian accident case, we fought to secure $8.2 million for our client who had suffered fractures, partial loss of vision, and frontal lobe brain injury that affected his speech. The offer before the trial had been $300,000, but we knew that our client deserved more. We believe that by winning our clients maximum compensation, we help ensure that they have lifetime access to professional care and resources.

We are passionate about helping those in need, no matter what: Our goal is to provide you with service that makes your life easier, but also, better and more fulfilling. We provide remote access during the pandemic and lots of flexibility. We work for you, but also, with you – making sure our actions always align with the goals you already have in mind. Our attorneys are in it to help you when you need it most, in every way we can. For example, in a social security disability case, we want to hold the federal government accountable and make sure it pays our clients the benefits they deserve.

We provide relentless innovation: We adapt with the times – bringing new approaches and ideas to your case. While we will never take the easy way out, we are focused on finding the most effective strategies to help you win. We understand that what works in one case may not work for yours, and that relentless innovation is the key to any successful outcome. Our attorneys are never afraid to get out of our comfort zone if it means helping you move forward in your life and live a better future. We are constantly reading, learning, and adding to our experience, so we can provide you with the best.

Our attorneys have the resources, knowledge, and experience to handle every aspect of your case for you, including:

  • Investigating your accident to determine the at-fault party
  • Gathering necessary evidence to prove your case
  • Hiring qualified medical experts who can help calculate the total value of your injuries and claim
  • Negotiate with all opposing parties, whether it’s a large corporation or insurance company
  • Take the case to trial, if it means getting you the compensation you deserve

If you or a loved one have been injured, have questions about your long-term disability benefits, or just want to speak with an attorney about your situation, call the LaBovick Law firm today. We offer a free and confidential case evaluation and you are under no obligation to retain our services.

Proven Results
Auto Accident T-Bone

$4.5 Million

Pretrial Offer $100,000

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Medical Malpractice

$15 Million

Pretrial Offer $890,000

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Car VS Commercial Truck Accident

$3.4 Million

Pretrial Offer $3,000

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Personal Injury

$8.2 Million

Pretrial Offer $300,000

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Bicycle VS Car Accident

$1.45 Million

Pretrial Offer $10,000

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Motor Vehicle Accident

$1.1 Million

Pretrial Offer $10,000

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Client StoriesIn Their Own Words

“I deeply appreciate your timely and very professional assistance.”

“I deeply appreciate your timely and very professional assistance with my disability claim. Thanks to your help, I am receiving a benefit. Due to my condition, I know I wouldn’t have been able to succeed without your expertise and guidance. I will always recommend LaBovick Law Group whenever I have the opportunity. Thanks again and all the best to you!”

Former Client

“The case settled before trial for a lot more money than I ever thought I would win.”

“I can’t thank Brian LaBovick enough. He was a lifesaver. After my automobile accident, I felt like my life was in a downward spiral. He was there for me and my family. He did an amazing job. The case settled before trial for a lot more money than I ever thought I would win. His understanding and advice helped me see the case all the way through. I have recommended him to so many people and everyone, without exception, feels like I do about him and his firm. I highly recommend Brian and all the attorneys in his firm. Call him. You won’t be disappointed!”

Former Client

“I will most certainly refer anyone in Florida.”

“I currently live in Texas and needed help with a personal injury claim against an insurance company from an accident that took place in Florida. I was referred to LBLG earlier this year, as they specialize in Florida law. Liliana contacted me to conduct an interview and to inform [me that] she will take ownership of the case. I must admit, I wanted to throw in the towel because my family and I were still experiencing residual emotional unrest from the accident. Liliana was patient, knowledgeable, and connected with our family on a personal level.

I am not sure she fully understands the impact she has made on our family. In a time of crisis and legal situation, a simple check-in and genuine candor leaves a lifetime impression! LBLG and Liliana, thank you truly for handling our case and for fighting for a favorable resolution. I will most certainly refer anyone in Florida who seeks legal guidance your way. Many thanks and blessings.”

Former Client

* Actual clients not pictured