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Labovick Law Group: MVA Recovery Program

Partner with Labovick Law Group Today and Join The Warriors For Justice Referral Network! Attention all Personal Injury Attorneys, Workers Compensation attorneys, Social Security Disability Attorneys and Healthcare Attorneys, doctors throughout the State of Florida, cash in on your relationship with medical providers throughout the State of Florida. Your Office


Florida Prohibits Cyberbullying and Harassment

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that takes place using the Internet, or other electronic devices, such as a cell phone. Victims are harassed, teased, embarrassed and sometimes even threatened with images and words that are either sent to the victim themselves or shared publicly through social media. Cyberbullying and


SSD 101: What Conditions Automatically Qualify You for Disability?

SSD 101: What Conditions Automatically Qualify You for Disability? The Social Security disability program has helped millions of Americans receive benefits and other important resources for over 60 years. The Social Security Administration (SSA) continues to help people with medical conditions receive insurance or supplemental income, but with mixed results.


Florida Workers’ Compensation Treatment In The Age of COVID-19

FLORIDA WORKERS’ COMPENSATION TREATMENT IN THE AGE OF COVID-19 The past few months have been quite the experience. A worldwide pandemic has for the most part prevented us from doing the normal activities we cherish. Non-essential businesses have shut down in Florida. Our brave first-responders, grocery store employees, medical professionals,

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