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How do I File a Maritime Injury Case

If you have a maritime injury case, you need to hire an attorney that handles this specific area of the law immediately.  All maritime injury cases have a shortened statute of limitations.  This is the amount of time you have to make a claim or it will be barred forever.  It can be as short a one year (for cruise injuries) or up to three years (under General Maritime law).

Depending on the claim, your case may be brought in either Florida State Court or Federal Court.  If the injury is from a cruise, then your claim will likely have to be brought to Federal Court in Miami.  Most other claims may be brought in Florida State Court.

If you have a maritime injury case in Florida, you need to involve a maritime injury attorney as soon as possible.  The same is true if you have a cruise injury case and you live out of state.  Hiring a competent injury attorney that knows maritime law will get you the best result for your claim.

The LaBovick Law Group has a maritime injury division that only handles these types of claims.  If you have been injured on the water, call today for a free case evaluation.

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