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It is your Constitutional right in Florida to hire an attorney to pursue medical and lost wage benefits in connection with a workplace accident. However, many employers in Florida attempt to prevent Florida Workers’ Compensation claims by promising to pay for medical bills. Many will begin to pay for treatment initially. However, the majority of employers stop paying for medical care and lost wages when the benefits become too expensive.  Others simply promise the moon and deliver nothing. Do not wait for your company to pay for these necessary benefits.  Contact the experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys at LaBovick Law Group and file your case!

It may take months to receive medical treatment from your employer.  Without a check and balance system, there’s no requirement to send you to doctors or pay lost wages for time missed from the workplace. If you choose to avoid the Florida Workers’ Compensation system you may be in limbo medically, legally and financially.


In Florida, an employer with four or more employees must purchase a Workers’ Compensation policy that covers all medical care and lost wage benefits for their employees. This is an essential point. If you’re hurt in the workplace you must file a claim to ensure you get to see doctors. Your employer has a policy; use it to your advantage. Do not rely on your employer to pay for medical treatment out of pocket. This waiting game may last months. The Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier will provide medical professionals with all types of medical care. Contact our Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys to discuss the requirements of when you must report the accident and how we can help limit the amount of time you wait to receive an appointment. You do not have to do this alone. Our team of experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys will direct your treatment and ensure it’s authorized as soon as possible.


The Workers’ Compensation insurance company must pay 66 2/3 of your “average weekly wage” if the treating doctor takes you out of work. You’ll also receive lost wages if your authorized physician opines you’re unable to return to work or assigns you restrictions that your job cannot accommodate. However, if you rely on your employer to pay outside of the Workers’ Compensation system you may be left without pay for weeks or months. Your employer is under no obligation to pay out of pocket as you did not report your accident to the insurance company. Without our experienced attorneys, we’re unable to fight for your lost wages as well. If the insurance company ultimately denies lost wages are due we’ll make sure to file a Petition for Benefits and litigate for your rights.


Without an attorney to guide you through the system, you may find yourself stuck in the mud. The experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys at LaBovick Law Group will make sure you receive treatment within thirty days. Without us on your claim, you may wait months. If you do not file a claim we cannot tell you if you’ll receive treatment at all. We’ll guide you throughout the entire claim. You do not pay us out of pocket. We do not recover if you do not recover. We’re here to ensure you are paid for out-of-pocket expenses and for time out of work. Do not be stuck in limbo, hire our experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys. We’re available 24-7, 365 days a week. Call us for a free consultation at (561) 623-3681.

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