March 6, 2020 in

The Do’s and Don’ts of Lupus

The Do’s and Don’ts of Lupus Lupus, also called systemic lupus erythematosus, is an autoimmune disease in which your immune system attacks its own tissue. The problem when your system attacks otherwise healthy tissue is that inflammation can occur. Inflammation caused by Lupus can cause several symptoms including fatigue, joint pain, and weakness. Oftentimes...
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Wrongful Death Lawsuit | Breach of Duty | LaBovick Law Group | Florida Attorneys
December 7, 2018 in

How Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Work?

You may have heard the term wrongful death without ever really knowing what exactly it referred to. When a loved one passes unexpectedly, the pain is difficult to understand, and that's only magnified if you think that death is the result of another's negligence. That's where the term 'wrongful death' comes into play. Every...
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#MeToo Movement | Sexual Harassment Lawyers | LaBovick Law Group
December 4, 2018 in

#MeToo Movement and the Law

Me too. Two simple words have empowered women (and men) all over the world to speak about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment. While associated with the fall of powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, and Matt Lauer, the #MeToo movement grew to encompass that outside of Hollywood who...
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Straw Sale | Straw Purchase | LaBovick Law Group
October 3, 2018 in

What Is Considered a Straw Purchase?

On a June day in 2009, Milwaukee officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch were patrolling when they noticed a young man riding his bike on the sidewalk. Police officers are trained to prepare for the worst, but still, it would have been tough to anticipate a simple stop would turn into a nightmare. Officer...
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Florida Tort Law | Strict Vicarious Liability | LaBovick Law Group
August 1, 2018 in

Vehicle Exceptions to the Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine

You would lend your car to a neighbor who needed to drive to a doctor’s appointment or to a friend who has to go to a job interview, right? Well, it is a nice gesture, but, under Florida tort law, you are responsible for any damage or injury they cause while operating your vehicle....
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Florida Hurricane Season | Hurricane Preparedness for Homeowners | LaBovick Law Group
July 23, 2018 in

2018 Florida Hurricane Preparedness: Insurance Tips

Residents are bracing for another active Florida hurricane season. According to the Tampa Bay Times, “Conditions are ripe for an above-average number of hurricanes in 2018, a year after one of the most devastating seasons on record.” Forecasters predict 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes with sustained winds of 111 mph...
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Negligent Entrustment | Florida Gun Sales | LaBovick Law Group
June 25, 2018 in

What Is Negligent Entrustment?

We all know the adage, “Buyer beware.” But when it comes to negligent entrustment, it could well be, “Lender/seller beware.” This legal doctrine is more timely than ever, especially as Florida gun sales spike - but what is it? Negligent Entrustment on the Water With miles of gorgeous coastline and endless sunshine, Florida offers...
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Force-Placed Insurance | LaBovick Law Group
May 9, 2018 in

What Does Force-Placed Insurance Mean for Homeowners?

To owners, a house represents security and safety. To lenders, that same house represents risk. Lenders have a significant amount of funds tied up in your home, and they want to protect their investment. In some cases, this can lead to force-placed insurance. What is force-placed insurance? And if your lender “forces” this coverage...
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Assignment of Benefits Awareness | Insurance | LaBovick Law Group
April 13, 2018 in

Assignment of Benefits Awareness

The Consumer Protection Coalition is an insurance front group located in Florida. The Consumer Protection Coalition tries to prejudice the public against trial lawyers. Read this post. It describes how “billboard trial lawyers” and “shady repair firms” are taking advantage of consumers by using the Assignment of Benefits to force insurance companies to pay repair...
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December 27, 2017 in

Holiday Woes – Financial Planning with Disability

The Holiday season can be a financially challenging time of year, especially if you aren’t able to work. You want to be generous, spreading holiday cheer through charity and gifts to loved ones. However, you are constrained by a strict budget.  So you need to be frugal, finding a way to show your generosity...
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