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Thanksgiving Travel Safety

Since 2010, truck accidents have risen from 225,000 to 411,000 as of 2014.  This shocked me as I’m preparing to get in the car with my family and travel for the holidays.  This quick video highlights a few tips to ensure that you get to and from your Thanksgiving feast safely.

Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

The following tips are aimed to help you get to your destination safely so you can your loved ones can enjoy the holidays.  The highways are dangerous, and as families from across the country clog up exits and merge lanes, these tips could help save the lives of thousands.

1. Buckle up

Everyone in the vehicle must be wearing a seat belt.  In the case of an accident, this will increase your chance of survival and minimize the risk of injury.

2. Don’t text and drive

No one who is driving the car should be using their mobile device.  If you get into an accident because you were texting this could put you in danger of punitive damages and you definitely don’t want that.  Keep your focus on the road and away from any electronic devices.

3. Behaving passengers

Make sure everyone in your vehicle is behaving properly.  If the driver needs to take a break, pull over at a rest stop and take the time to get alert and ready to drive again.  Your passengers should be acting in a non-distracting way so you can keep your focus on the road and not what’s going on in the backseat.

4. Don’t eat and drive

Seeing that it’s Thanksgiving, we all have food on our minds.  However, if you need a bite to eat, make sure you do it at the restaurant instead of on the road.  Just like texting and driving, trying to eat while behind the wheel can be extremely distracting and put you and your loved ones in danger.

5. Enjoy your time with your family 

Lastly, enjoy the time you’re spending with your loved ones.  Revel in the holidays and get everyone where they need to be safe.

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