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The Experience You Get with LaBovick Law Group

An Experienced Legal Team In Florida Since 1992, LaBovick Law Group has been providing legal advice throughout the state of Florida. We are a firm committed to the pursuit of justice for individuals who have been hurt or suffering from severe physical and/or mental conditions. We have represented clients throughout the


How do I File a Maritime Injury Case

If you have a maritime injury case, you need to hire an attorney that handles this specific area of the law immediately.  All maritime injury cases have a shortened statute of limitations.  This is the amount of time you have to make a claim or it will be barred forever. 


A Legal Powerhouse – LaBovick Law Group

The lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and support staff at Labovick Law Group form a powerful team to combat the injustices perpetrated by insurance companies throughout Florida. The South Florida Lawyers at LaBovick Law Group are zealous advocates who put their clients first. Why? They have practiced in the State of


What Happens if I was Injured on a Charter Fishing Boat?

Charter fishing trips can be an extremely fun activity for those living and traveling to South Florida.  However, these trips can become nightmares very quickly if you get injured while out on the water.  Injuries can stem from rough water, free-flying fishing tackle, or negligent crew members not performing their


A Closer Look at the Technology We Use

The backbone of any law firm in today’s modern practice is technology! Technology runs your internal systems. Technology runs your financial systems. Technology runs your Human Resources. Technology runs your case management. Technology runs the new client intake process. Technology researches the law. Technology must communicate across distances effectively, immediately


The Value LaBovick Law Group Brings to Your Case

You may have noticed a large number of television advertisements suggesting certain law firms will recover a large sum of money for you. These commercials may have piqued your interest. However, the question in the back of your mind may be how do I know that a law firm will

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