April 26, 2016 in

How Can You Obtain Medicaid In Florida?

Medicaid is a health insurance program for low-income individuals. This program is run jointly by the Federal Government along with your State Government. Each state has different rules regarding eligibility and applying for the program. If you live in the State of Florida one way to access Medicaid coverage is through applying for Social...
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February 22, 2016 in

Can I Sue Someone For Defamation In Florida?

We all remember back in high school when rumors were spread, and they were completely untrue.  Today, those rumors and lies are spread online on sites like Yelp and LinkedIn.  These rumors and lies can in turn not only hurt your feelings and reputation, but also impact your business.  In Florida, causes of action...
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January 26, 2016 in

Do You Lease TENS Units To Patients? Make Sure You Are Properly Licensed!

How Much Is The License? This is a $304.50 biennial license which is reasonable compared to other ACHA licenses.  Get your license as soon as possible as those fees may go up on a yearly basis. Why You Need This License If you provide home medical equipment and services or accept physician orders for...
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January 15, 2016 in

Independent Medical Examinations: 10 Common Myths!

5 Provider Misconceptions:  1. If the PIP insurer utilizes an IME doctor, I should stop billing PIP and bill the patient’s health insurance. (more…)
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December 1, 2015 in

Future Medicare Benefits Can Not Be Used As Collateral Source

  Trial courts must reduce jury awards by the total of all amounts which had been paid for the benefit of the claimant, or which are otherwise available to the claimant, from all collateral sources. This statute was designed to reduce insurance costs and prevent plaintiffs from receiving windfalls. (more…)
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October 30, 2015 in

How to Collect the Most Money as a Medical Emergency Provider.

We focus our Personal Injury Protection practice on litigation solutions. We are always ahead of the curve because we create innovative approaches to maximize your bottom line! Recently, the 5th District Court of Appeals ruled that emergency specialist physicians can be hit with a deductible within 30 days of a motor vehicle accident. The LaBovick...
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October 26, 2015 in

Parents in Same-Sex Relationships May Lose Visitation Rights After Split

In the recent Florida 2nd District Court of Appeal decision of Russell v. Pasik, two women entered into a relationship that started before same-sex marriages were declared a constitutional right. However, after those opinions came out they never went forward and actually got married. (more…)
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October 15, 2015 in

Halloween Safety: Tips For Trick-or-Treaters!

When you are picking out your costume there are a few things that you want to keep in mind! Always wear something that you are going to be comfortable in and that fits you correctly! If a mask is too big or small on your face it could block your vision. You also want...
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