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Will I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits?

First, you need to havesocial security disability insurance coverage. An individual obtains SSD coverage by working and paying taxes into the Social Security system. As a general rule, if you have worked the past 5 out of 10 years, paying disability taxes, you will have disability insurance coverage. One thing to remember is your disability coverage will only last 5 years after you stop working and paying taxes into the social security disability program. So if you have stopped working and think you may qualify…don’t delay in filing!

Second, you must be diagnosed with a medical condition which interferes with your ability to work full-time. This sounds simple but can be quite difficult…depending upon your medical conditions, and your treating provider. When qualifying for SSD benefits, Social Security will evaluate your medical records to determine the severity of your conditions. It is not enough just to just be diagnosed with a medical condition. You need to have medical evidence documenting the limitations and symptoms secondary to your diagnosed condition. If your medical records do not document limitations resulting from your diagnosis, you will most certainly be denied due to lack of evidence to support a disability.

To be found disabled, Social Security requires a finding that a physical or psychological condition significantly interferes with your ability not only to perform your past work but also any other work in the national economy. One way to make sure you have sufficient evidence to support your claim is by making sure your medical provider is documenting all of your limitations. One thing to keep in mind is that without medical records, Social Security will not have evidence to support a finding of disability. So if you are not seeking treatment, no matter what the reason, you will more than likely be denied. If you do not have health insurance, try to find a free or low-cost clinic in your area so as to obtain some type of evidence. Some evidence is better than no evidence.

If you think you have the requisite insurance along with evidence documenting a severe condition, you should consider applying for SSD benefits. At the LaBovick Law Group, we provide free consultations for SSD benefits. Call us and we can quickly tell you whether you will qualify for benefits

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