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What Qualifies as Commercial Litigation?

What does a commercial litigation lawyer do?  People are often confused when lawyers say they practice “commercial litigation” because the term does not have an official or legal meaning.  Technically, it means lawsuits involving commerce or business.  So it includes pretty much every type of case that can come up


5 Most Common Types of Commercial Litigation

When it comes to business, there are so many rules to follow most of us can’t keep track.  However, one thing we can all wrap our heads around is that there are certain “rules” to play by.  Not only are they rule, but they’re fully enforced by the law, meaning


The Police Officer Blamed Me: Can I still Recover?

Oftentimes, injured individuals come to me seeking legal advice after being blamed for causing an accident.  Unfortunately, many individuals have the misconception that simply because the law enforcement officer determined they were at fault no recovery for injuries will be permitted.  This belief is 100% inaccurate. Simply put, the officer


Falls at Nursing Homes

  One of the most common injuries at a nursing home is when a resident falls.  Injuries from falls at nursing homes are an incredibly significant cause of disability in the elderly. A simple fall can create a severe functional impairment in an older person and will decrease the quality


Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

If your loved one needs to enter a nursing home or assisted living facility you will need to do your homework.  Make sure the facility has an excellent reputation.  On your visit, make sure the grounds and rooms are comfortable, and more importantly, clean!  Talk to the staff.  Interview them

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