How to Collect the Most Money as a Medical Emergency Provider.

We focus our Personal Injury Protection practice on litigation solutions. We are always ahead of the curve because we create innovative approaches to maximize your bottom line! Recently, the 5th District Court of Appeals ruled that emergency specialist physicians can be hit with a deductible within 30 days of a motor vehicle accident. The LaBovick Law Group PIP attorney team vehemently disagrees with this opinion. Regardless, we have strategies and tips to ensure this decision does not negatively affect your practice.


If an emergency service provider submits their bills within 30 days of the motor vehicle accident, the insurance company must reserve $5,000 toward the payment of the provider’s bills. This statute section is called the Emergency Provider Reserve. Please see below for additional litigation insight that will ensure you collect what is rightfully yours.

Strategies vs ALLSTATE

Do not fear Emergency Professionals, most Allstate suits involve their pre-2013 policy. Why is this important? Most Allstate policies fail to include clear language permitting them to reimburse you pursuant to the Medicare Fee Schedule. Allstate is currently fighting its right to pay this way. Thus, despite the 5th DCA’s decision, we can fight how they applied the deductible to your bills! We have been victorious with regard to these cases and will continue using our unique pleadings to ensure reimbursement for your medical services. Trust in us to get what your office is entitled to!!!

Strategies vs Mercury

We are currently taking a unique approach in light of the Mercury decision. The 5th DCA’s case dealt with an emergency medical provider who billed within 30 days of the accident. This emergency provider is entitled to the $5,000.00 reserve as mentioned above. A $500 deductible was likewise elected by the insured at the time the insurance policy was purchased.   Also, no non-emergency providers sent in their bills within 30 days of the accident.


Don’t sweat the small stuff. This decision has already been made. However, the 4th DCA (binding in Palm Beach) has yet to rule on this matter. Moreover, most emergency specialists’ cases deal with non-priority providers.  If NON-Emergency Provider bills within 30 days, we will argue the deductible should have been fully applied to their bills prior to those submitted by our client. These facts did not appear in the 5th DCA scenario and certainly should be important enough to merit the reversal of this decision.

We will continue to litigate on your behalf!

We likewise have unique strategies for Emergency Medical Condition suits, Medicare Coding Suits (i.e. MPPR, NCCI, OPPS, etc), fee schedule battles, policy battles, etc. We stay at the forefront of PIP litigation. Better yet, WE CHARGE absolutely NOTHING, to evaluate and demand payment for your PIP  bills. Simply send us the information, allow us to evaluate, and ultimately make a decision as to whether you have a viable suit. LaBovick PIP is in the collection business, collecting everything your practice/clinic is owed from the PIP insurer in an expedited manner! We will continue generating found money for providers throughout the State of Florida-Get on Board!!!!

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