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Keep safe in large crowds with 3 simple tips

Downtown West Palm Beach, Fla. held its 32nd annual SunFest this past week. The festival always seems to draw large crowds with its live music, local and national artists, and several family fun activities that everyone is able to enjoy. However, with large crowds comes the chance of unknown dangers


How to Market to Other Attorneys in 4 Simple Steps

Identify the right audience: Find attorneys that may have clients who need a service your firm provides and their firm does not. By reaching the right target, you have a greater opportunity to set up referral systems with these other attorneys that will benefit both of you. Inform your audience:


Man Poses as Lawyer and Cons Family Out of $70,000

After spending two years in prison and learning what he could on the legal system, Imer Armando Perez (now on probation), has been accused of falsely claiming to be a licensed Florida criminal defense lawyer and conning the family of a “client” for $70,000. Scotty Posada was looking at a


Important Car Recalls to Watch Out For

General Motors, Chrysler and Toyota have all announced safety recalls on some of their vehicles. It is important to keep up with recalls in order to keep yourself and others safe from harm. The recalls are as follows. General Motors recalls almost a million and a half vehicles for power


General Motors Doubles Recall… Again

On February 7th, General Motors (GM) announced a major recall of 778,562 of its vehicles. The recall was made because of a faulty ignition switch that when “jostled” causes the engine to switch from a running position to an accessory position. This turns off power steering, power brakes, airbags and


Distracted Walking?

New studies have revealed the obvious, texting while walking can be dangerous.  While it seems fairly evident that looking at a screen instead of where you are strolling would increase the risk of injury, researchers have recently completed a study of movement patterns of 26 people, and it verifies the

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