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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Teenagers

As we reach the middle of October there is more and more talk about the spooky holiday we end the month with…Halloween! Halloween is a time for candy, dressing up, trick-or-treating, and having fun. But it is important to remember to be safe throughout celebrating.

The following is a list of safety tips for all the kids and teens that plan to go out on Halloween night!

  1. Never go into a stranger’s house alone. When you are out trick-or-treating make sure your parents are always in sight. Going up to ring the doorbell alone is okay, but if someone asks you into the house, call over your parents or tell the person at the door no thank you and turn around back to your parents. For the older kids, always have at least one friend there with you and use your best judgment.
  2. Be careful crossing the street. There are a lot of people out on Halloween night, and there is a lot going on at once. Even though you’re really excited about trick-or-treating it’s important to remember simple rules like looking both ways before you cross the street. Also, if you have a brother or sister with you, hold their hand and cross together.
  3. Keep your parents informed. If you are old enough to be out by yourself on Halloween, make sure you tell your parents where you are going and who you are going to be with for the night. Also, check in with them once or twice in the night to let them know that you are okay. Parents worry about you!
  4. Drive safely. If you are driving somewhere with friends make sure you have enough gas to get home. (No one wants to be stranded on a dark creepy road on Halloween night!) Also, stay away from any underage drinking. Not only is it illegal for someone under the age of 21 to be drinking, but it is also extremely dangerous for someone to be driving under the influence.
  5. Vandalism can get you arrested. Some people can take the saying “trick-or-treat” a little too far. Vandalizing someone’s property, such as throwing eggs at a house or a car, or throwing toilet paper all over someone’s yard is not only rude but can also get you arrested. We suggest sticking to the “treats” side of the saying!

Though these tips may seem like common sense they are often forgotten in all the excitement of Halloween. Keep yourself safe by following these tips and most importantly using your head! If something doesn’t feel right to you then don’t do it, or ask a parent if they think it is a good idea or to come with you.

For more information about keeping your friends and family safe this holiday, you can search safety tips on the CDC website.

We hope everyone has a safe, happy Halloween, and most importantly, have fun!

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