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General Motors Announces Three New Safety Recalls

Another round of safety recalls has been announced by car manufacturing company General Motors. These recalls can be added to several others that the company has already announced earlier in the year. This time around the recalls has been issued due to a fire hazard as well as two different


Social Media Can Play A Role In Jury Selection

How does a lawyer pick a jury? Recently the American Bar Association came out with the position paper providing lawyers ethical guidance on using social media to investigate jurors. This is not news to lawyers. We have been looking for ways to get inside the heads of jurors forever. The main


Ford Joins Long List of 2014 Car Recalls

Another major car company has released a large set of car recalls. This time that company is Ford, and the number of cars being recalled is 100,600. The company released six different sets of recalls earlier this week, joining the ranks of GM, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota. While announcing


Lawyers Now Allowed to Search Jurors on Social Media

How would you feel if you were chosen for jury duty, and the next day in court your Facebook profile was referenced? Well, the American Bar Association (ABA) has determined that it is ethical for attorneys and investigators to search and scan the social media sites of potential jurors as well


Recalled Nap Nanny Causes Six Infant Deaths

In 2010, Baby Matters LLC recalled a product called the Nap Nanny, a portable infant recliner made for both sleeping and playing. The product was recalled after an incident where the Nap Nanny was placed in an infant’s crib, and the baby rolled over the side of the product. The


Is 2014 The Year of the Whistleblower?

It is a good year for whistleblowers!  According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), whistleblowers in qui tam lawsuits have pulled in more than $300 million since October 1, 2013. It is easy to use this date because the federal government starts its fiscal year on October 1st. So with an impressive five


Latest Clothing Recalls |May 2014

When you hear the term “safety recall,” typically you think of a vehicle, a toy, or possibly even food. However, did you know there are sometimes safety recalls for clothing articles or accessories? The Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps a regularly updated recall list and provides safety education, regulations, and

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