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What to do After a Workplace Injury

When work accidents occur in Florida, oftentimes employees do not know the steps to take to ensure the claim is PROPERLY REPORTED and filed. It’s very important to report the accident immediately. If you do not report the accident/injury within 30 days you may be precluded from filing your case. It’s likewise essential to contact your employer to report and request medical care. If you simply internalize and ignore the injuries, you may waive your right to medical and lost wage benefits. Do not take assurances from the employer. They may begin to pay out of their own pocket and eventually pull the rug from underneath you (stop payment). REPORT THE ACCIDENT and make sure your claim is treated as it should be as a WORKERS COMPENSATION claim PAID FOR by the INSURANCE COMPANY.

Below is a list of the 5 most important steps to take after a Workplace Injury.  These steps will protect your rights to file a Workers’ Compensation case and ultimately qualify for medical and lost wage benefits.

Please see below for a brief explanation of each:


Report the accident whether the injuries are serious or minor! You have 30 days to actually tell a manager, supervisor, or at the least a co-worker about the accident. If you delay reporting you may risk forfeiture of the claim, including but not limited to lost wages and/or medical care.

You do NOT need to file any paperwork with the insurance carrier. We’ll help you fill out the relevant documents. The insurance carrier SHOULD fill out what’s commonly referred to as a Notice of Injury Report. The report details the date/time of the accident, the injuries sustained, and how the accident occurred.


Call us after reporting the accident. We’re here to guide you through the complex Florida Workers’ Compensation system. Do not allow the insurance carrier to take two statements initially. Moreover, an attorney will ensure the Workers’ Compensation carrier expedites all medical care and lost wages. Without an attorney, there is no timetable to provide Workers’ Compensation benefits.


Workplace accidents range from serious in nature to minor bruises and scrapes. However, if you’re in pain go to the nearest hospital or walk-in clinic based on the severity of the injuries. Do not delay. If you need medical treatment and the company is ignoring you, go and treat. We’ll file for the medically necessary bills to be reimbursed by the Insurance Company. Your health is more important than waiting around for the adjuster to do the right thing.

If you are in pain request medical treatment. Your employer has a Workers’ Compensation carrier with a list of medical doctors in-network. The adjuster will most likely call you and direct you where to treat. Make sure to tell the doctor about any prior injuries and/or treatment to ensure an accurate medical history. If you fail to mention prior care the insurance carrier may deny treatment and pursue fraud for the purpose of obtaining medical benefits. Simply be honest and forthcoming about all prior accidents/injuries.


Make sure to arrive for your initial doctor’s appointment. Fill out the intake form to the best of your ability.  Inform the doctor about any and all your past -injuries/workers’ compensation accidents/car accidents prior to this workplace accident.  Do not hide anything-omitting information that can hurt your case down the road.  Be as open and honest as possible.  Tell the doctor about your current pain, how you are restricted on a daily basis, etc. Now is the time to complain!

CAUTION: If you skip the appointment the adjuster may stop all benefits for medical non-compliance.  We will explain the process and set up the appointments for you.


A supervisor or manager may approach you with an important legal document. The document may contain language indicating the company will pay for medical care in exchange for a waiver of your rights under the Workers’ Compensation System. This waiver is a shady attempt to prevent you from receiving further medical and lost wage benefits. Do not feel as if you must sign the document. If your employer terminates you for filling the sign the document you may have a separate lawsuit for wrongful termination.

*****Moral of the Story-DO NOT SIGN any documents prior to contacting LaBovick Law Group****

We will help you negotiate a lump-sum settlement. It is perfectly fine to file a claim for purposes of settlement.  However, do not attempt to negotiate on your own.  Allow us to handle the proceedings.  You are hiring us for the strength and breadth of our experience negotiating Workers’ Compensation settlements.

It is essential you file the correct paperwork to ensure Medical and Lost Wage Benefits.  We have won medical and lost wage benefits for our clients. Our system is designed to do expedite this seamlessly and effortlessly once we file your Workers’ Compensation lawsuit.

Employees who are injured on the job should have one of the LaBovick Law Group Florida Workers’ Compensation attorneys review all of their documents and provide counsel prior to filing a Florida Workers’ Compensation lawsuit.

Our firm, LaBovick Law Group has proven, time and time again, to spearhead the attack on insurance companies who mislead injured workers acting against their obligation visa a vi the Workers’ Compensation Law. We will not back down from a fight, even against a giant company like Walmart.

If you are an injured worker or a Personal Injury Attorney, give us a call.  Let us demonstrate our value to you!  Let us ensure medical and lost wage benefits for workers injured on the job.  We are available 24/7/365 at (561) 623-3681.  Don’t delay, dial us today!

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