How to Avoid Injury at your Office Holiday Party

The holiday season is upon us. Our loved ones are traveling to celebrate with us. Only weeks remain in 2017. Most of our employers have an annual Office Holiday Party. These parties are grand celebrations that typically include eggnog and alcohol-infused beverages. It is important to exercise caution when partying. Remember, supervisors and managers will be present at the festivities whether in or outside of the office.

The LaBovick Law Group Workers’ Compensation attorneys are here to help you navigate the Workers’ Compensation System. That said, below is a list of the top 5 ways to avoid injuries at your Office Holiday Party.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.

Do not drink to excess. This is a good way to get terminated. Your more likely to injure yourself if you drink a multitude of alcoholic beverages. Common accidents include but are not limited to: slip and falls, trip and falls and horseplay injuries. Avoid drinking too much. Drink in moderation and make sure to uphold the core values and standards of your office.

Play Fighting can lead to serious injuries.

Avoid “play fighting” with co-workers. Many accidental injuries are caused by horseplay. Typically, hundreds of employees gather to celebrate the holiday season at office holiday parties. A simple nudge of a co-worker may cause a domino effect to unsuspecting bystanders. Keep it cool and avoid roughhousing in a packed crowd.

Don’t attempt to be the “Life of the Party”

If you haven’t danced before, the Holiday Party is probably not the time to attempt to perform splits on the dance floor. Injuries can easily arise from aggressive movements foreign to your body such as leaping across the office or dancing in a large crowd.

Tis’ the Season to Avoid Dangerous Risks

Jumping from a moving elevator or car can lead to catastrophic injury. Ask yourself is there a possibility of injuring yourself? If you pause and contemplate the answer, avoid the risk altogether.  Exercise caution. Go home to your family in one piece!

Uber or a ride-sharing app. Can be your best friend

Drinking and driving are illegal in the United States. One drink may lead to ten. Your car may be at the office, and you may feel alright to drive. DO NOT! Simply utilize your smartphone and call an UBER. The Uber driver will take you home and you can easily make arrangements to pick up your car. The best practice is to ask a friend to act as the designated driver. Do not risk jail time and ultimately serious injuries to both yourself and the unsuspecting drivers on the road. Arrange with a loved one to pick you up after the party. Bring family members to the party to avoid driving once it ends. Regardless of your situation, DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE!

It is essential for employees who are injured on the job to have a Florida Workers Compensation Attorney review all of their documents prior to filing a Florida Workers Compensation lawsuit. It’s also just as important to take the above steps to minimize the chance of injury at your Holiday Party.


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