Several Car Seats Could Put Your Child at Risk

A car seat is meant to keep a young child safe, but what happens when the car seat was not made properly? In case of an accident, it is important that the child is buckled incorrectly, but it can also be just as important that the buckles are easily undone. The following car seats have been recalled due to an issue with their buckles:

Baby Trend Inc. is recalling certain models of their TrendZ Fastback 3-in-1 child restraints manufactured between October 2011 and July 2013. The recall is for a defective buckle latch that gets stuck or even locked, making it difficult to get the child out of the seat. This could increase the risk of harm to a child if there is a case in which the child needs to be quickly removed from the car.  The models included in this recall are the FB60070 (Granite) and the FB60408 (Jellybean).

Baby Trend will notify registered customers of the recall, and when buckles become available they will be provided at no extra cost. As of right now, there is no date as to when the buckles will be available.

EvenFlo Company Inc. has announced a recall for certain models of their convertible and harnessed child seats for the same buckle issue. With the buckle becoming stuck in the latch, it could put the child in danger if a quick evacuation is needed. The models affected are as follows:

  • Momentum 65 (including LX and DLX)
  •  Chase (including LX, DLX, and Select)
  •  Maestro (including Performance)
  •  Symphony (including 65, LX, 65 E3, and DLX)
  •  Snugli All-In-One, Snugli Booster
  •  Titan 65
  •  SureRide DLX
  •  Secure Kid (including LX, DLX, 100, 300, and 400).

The affected seats will have model number prefixes of 306, 308, 310, 329, 345, 346, 371 or 385. Evenflo will contact registered customers, and replacement buckles with installation instructions will be sent to them.

Safe Kids is a website dedicated to keeping kids safe worldwide. The site includes information in the forms of blogs, videos, newsletters and safety lists. One such safety list is their recall list. This list contains a constantly updating feed of safety related recalls that can keep your children out of danger.

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