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Recalls Aren’t Just for Cars! Keep your Kids out of Harm’s Way

Car recalls are currently big in the news with General Motors recalling 1.6 million cars, but did you know there is a recall out for something as simple as a hope chest? The Cedar “hope” Chest, by Lane Home Furniture, automatically locks when it is closed. It was first recalled in 1996 after six children suffocated to death from getting trapped inside. The recall was recently renewed after a brother and sister from Franklin, MA became trapped in the hand-me-down chest, and both suffocated to death.

Safe Kids Worldwide is an organization that is dedicated to preventing serious and harmful injuries to children. Their website shares stories and tips to keep children of all ages safe at home, in the car or while out playing. Included on their website is a constantly updated list of items a child may use or may be around that have been recalled for safety purposes. The list includes items such as furniture, toys, car seats and much more. It is important to be aware of these recalls. They NEVER expire when they relate to safety. The site shows recall going back to 2008 and urges you to go through the list, especially if you’ve received hand-me-down or secondhand items.

The following are a just few child products recalls made within the past month:

Go Gaga Squeeze & Teethe Coco the Monkey

This monkey is a teething toy meant for newborns and older. The recall has been issued because the tail of the monkey has become a choking hazard with a reported seven cases of children choking or gagging. The toy was sold exclusively in Target stores or was available online from December 2012 through January 2014.

BebeLove™ Baby Walkers

The walker has been recalled because federal safety standards have not been met. This style will fit through a standard door and is not designed to stop at the edge of a step. In addition, style number 368 of the walker includes openings that would allow a child to slip down and get trapped at the neck. No injuries have been reported, but this walker has the risk of seriously injuring a baby. For specific style numbers and directions on this recall visit the Safe Kids Worldwide list mentioned above.

Rollerblade® Tempest Inline Skates

These high-performance skates have been recalled due to misaligned mounting holes that hold the skate together. This hazard could cause the skate to come apart forcing the child to fall. No injuries have been reported, but consumers should immediately stop using the skate and get in contact with Rollerblade USA for free inspections and replacements.

Coleman® Runestone Style Children’s Shoes

This shoe, sold exclusively at Big 5 Sporting Goods, has been recalled because of the metal rivets that hold the shoelaces. These metal rivets have been found to have sharp edges that pose a laceration hazard. There has been one report of an adult who scratched his/her finger, but no medical attention was needed.

For more information on these recalls or to search through recent recalls, visit Safe Kids Worldwide to protect your kids from seriously injuring themselves.

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