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The Navigator: Aboard the Costa Atlantica with an Experienced cruiser

A blog series from a maritime lawyer and boating enthusiast. The Navigator explores various topics in the boating world; including safety issues and an in-depth look into the cruise industry. In this inaugural issue, I share my experience aboard Costa Atlantica by Costa cruise lines and provide essential tips on cruise safety and cruise etiquette. The Ship My family and I took


Two Divers Left 3 Miles Off Shore

Nearly 2 weeks ago it was reported that two divers were left behind by a charter dive boat off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida. Fortunately, they were rescued three miles off shore by a passing yacht after several hours at sea. Neither diver knew each other and had gone


Get It In Writing! Contracts in Maritime Law

I often get calls from prospective clients wishing to collect money owed to them for services rendered in connection with the marine industry. Sadly, I have to advise some of these clients that because they did not get their agreement in writing, the cost of filing a suit or other


Blood Disorders & Social Security Disability Benefits

Blood transfusions are fairly common in the United States. Each year approximately 5 million Americans need a blood transfusion. Why Do Individuals Need Blood Transfusions? There are many reasons an individual may require a blood transfusion, including surgery, illness or serious injury. Some of the more severe reasons to have


Controlling Florida’s Lionfish Population

Lionfish are an incredibly beautiful, yet destructive and dangerous, invasive fish now thriving off the Atlantic coast from the Florida Keys up to North Carolina. Originally from the Western Pacific, lionfish were somehow released into the Southern Atlantic and are currently thriving as some estimates purport a population growth of


Will Florida’s “No Fault” Insurance Remain in Place?

The new Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP) statute is coming under fire again.  Both the House and Senate are looking at the controversial statute.  PIP is the part of your automobile insurance that covers medical payments for the owner of the vehicle in the event of an accident that results in injury. 


Transvaginal Mesh Implant Cases Getting Ready to Settle

The time has finally arrived!  Transvaginal mesh implant cases are getting ready to settle, at last. Our excitement stems from having worked on these cases for years! After two trials, the first held Bard/Endo Health Solutions Inc. responsible for a $5.5 million judgment for their Avaulta implant. The numerous companies who

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