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NYPD Officers Caught in Disability Benefits Fraud

More than 100 people, including 72 former NYC police officers and 8 former firefighters, were charged earlier this month with Social Security disability fraud. A total of $21.4 million in benefits was paid to people listed in the indictment. About half of the defendants falsely claimed psychiatric illness as a


In-Depth Look at Maritime Salvage

In our previous post discussing the basics of maritime salvage, we touched upon the fundamentals of the salvage award. The following information gives a more precise account of these points with emphasis on salvage awards, jurisdiction issues, maritime liens, and other relevant Florida statutes. The information provided here is quite


Royal Caribbean Cruise Ends Early Due to Illness

It has happened again: the cruise industry takes yet another hit. Royal Caribbean just ended a ship’s 10-day trip due to hundreds of passengers and crew members becoming sick. On Sunday, the Explorer of the Seas was boarded by officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Marine Salvage Basics

It is the well-entrenched admiralty law of the United States that, as set forth by former Chief Justice Marshall of the United States Supreme Court, if property is exposed to peril or hazard at sea and is “saved by the voluntary exertion of any persons whatsoever,…a very ample award will


Expanding Benefits for Traumatic Brain Injury

The office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs announced on December 16, 2013, that they will be expanding benefits for veterans who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This new regulation went into effect last week (January 15, 2014). The regulation was expanded because of a report created by

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