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Will transvaginal mesh cases settle? Yes they will!

We have been developing transvaginal mesh (TVM) cases for a few years now. There are all sorts of ailments that have occurred to the women who had these mesh products sewn into their bodies.  It just isn’t that easy to pick up a bit of plastic, metal, Kevlar, or other material and not have the body fight against it.  The manufactures knew this, and they continued to distribute products without proper supervision.  The result is going to hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits.

Small manufacturers with small market shares will have smaller settlements.  Large players are going to pay millions, maybe hundreds of millions, for the damages they have caused.  Recently Bloomberg reported on the culmination of the Coloplast A/S settlement.  It is a small player settlement in the amount of $16 million!  This will resolve approximately 400 lawsuits that have been filed against Coloplast.  That averages out to about $40,000 per claim.  It is interesting that this settlement is the first to come after the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) finally ordered Johnson & Johnson, Bard and Coloplast as well as 34 different minor vaginal implant makers to study the rate of organ damage from their products.

No doubt this will be the start of something big.  I am a firm believer that TVM is harmful, and the science against this unnatural product is clear.  Big Pharma needs to slow down on putting things into people and treating their patients as human guinea pigs.  Things just need to be safer and have a longer time horizon on introduction in the market before putting them in thousands of unsuspecting people.  There are no free lunches; everything has a cost, including every medication and every implant.

Let the buyer beware.  If you are hurt don’t hesitate to call a trusted attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve.  We want to help!

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