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One Step for Barry, A Giant Leap for Your PIP Claim

It has been an exciting few months for the LaBovick Law Group PIP Department! On July 30th, a Motion Barry Aronin filed against State Farm for impermissibly shorting PIP reimbursements to all Florida medical providers was granted in Broward County Court. The Judge executed order in his favor.

What this means to you: From 2012-present State Farm reimbursed at 80% of 200%. Their policy was vague and included two reimbursement methods when it should have chosen one to the exclusion of the other – not pick and choose at State Farm’s whim. Demanding State Farm PIP files for the above-mentioned time frame may result in increased reimbursement to providers. You are entitled to be properly paid for services you render to motor vehicle accident patients. This motion resulted from close reading and analysis of State Farm’s 9810A policy.

When LaBovick Law Group does your PIP work, we diligently attempt to ensure you are correctly paid.

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