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Quick Guide to Car Accidents

Everyone needs a quick and handy guide to follow if you are ever in a car accident!  We distilled our best advice into a quick list of three things we would LOVE to see our client gather before we meet.  Please know that even if you don’t have any of the below list accomplished, we will still be happy to construct you case from the start.

So let’s not waste time and get right to the list:

Numero Uno:  Get Medical Help!  After an accident you will need a lot of things, but there is nothing more important then getting the medical attention you need fast!  We had a case years ago where a young woman in an accident hurt her ribs or side and didn’t think it was a big enough deal to go to the hospital. She called her husband and he was able to pick her up at the accident scene.  Later that day the woman started feeling very ill.  She eventually went to the hospital.  She had ruptured her spleen and was bleeding to death. She needed emergency surgery and had she waited any longer she would have died.  So please, don’t be a hero. Get checked out!  Not only will it help your injury case but it could save your life.

2 – Gather all the information you can at the scene. Date, Time, Weather, etc.  This includes getting the other driver’s basic information such as name, address, phone number, insurance information, car type, photos of the accident scene and the cars, the names, addresses and phone numbers for any witnesses and any police or witnesses about vehicle direction and speed.  Make notes of the road condition, including which direction the vehicles were going before the accident.  When you get home, take all your notes and organize the papers so you can present it to your attorney and also so it preserves your memory while it is still fresh.  Remember, the oral word flies away, while the written word is here to stay!

3 – Look for what caused the accident.  The other driver may apologize.  Accept it gracefully.  Do NOT apologize back.  Do not admit any fault.  Do NOT feel guilty about why the accident happened.  Always look with suspicion on why the other driver crashed into you.  Figuring out liability is sometimes difficult.  Look for any signs that the Defendant was under the influence or that they were reading or viewing in any way an electronic device, which is the single largest cause of accidents now! Anything you hear you can use later on.  This is especially true about the “cause” of an accident.  If anyone takes responsibility, write it down or capture it on a quick video.  If any says, “I’m not hurt?” or even better partially admits responsibility by saying, “I was texting”, I wasn’t looking because xx,” or even if they admit to being “distracted,” or not “wearing my glasses.”  Getting liability locked down early is a great way to start a personal injury settlement.

That is it:  Just three quick things to get your injury case started.  Remember that having a qualified and experienced attorney will get you all that and more.  Plus, according to many national studies, you will also make 300% more on your injury case just by hiring a lawyer!  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.  All our consultations for injury work are free!  Remember, we don’t get paid unless we get money for you!

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