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Injured at Sea?  What Should You Do Next?

If you are a marine worker injured while at sea, make sure you properly preserve your claim by following the steps below:

  1. Assess your injuries. Make sure not to further injure yourself by moving the area where you are hurt.
  2. Call for help from others on board the ship.
  3. Ask any witnesses for their contact information.
  4. Take photos of the scene where you were hurt.
  5. Fill out and get a copy of an incident report.
  6. If you are injured, seek medical attention.
  7. Follow-up on medical treatment once back on land.
  8. Hire an attorney who specializes in maritime injuries and Jones Act cases.

The Florida Jones Act Attorneys at the LaBovick Law Group has a team specifically dedicated to pursuing Jones Act claims. If you have been injured in a maritime/boat/cruise accident, you deserve the representation of an experienced and ethical maritime lawyer. The attorneys at the LaBovick Law Group will defend your rights and fight to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve. Our team will aggressively pursue any compensation you may be entitled to receive. Let our experienced admiralty lawyers help you or your family receive proper compensation to handle medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages. We know how to get results.

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