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Keep safe in large crowds with 3 simple tips

Downtown West Palm Beach, Fla. held its 32nd annual SunFest this past week. The festival always seems to draw large crowds with its live music, local and national artists, and several family fun activities that everyone is able to enjoy. However, with large crowds comes the chance of unknown dangers and risk of harm.  It is important to know how to protect yourself. The following are just a few tips to keep in mind while attending a place or event where large crowds are expected:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings: Festivals such as SunFest tend to have a lot going on all at once. It is always important to watch for any hazard you may possibly come across. Some examples would be extension cords, wires, temporary fences or gates, and any type of trash or debris destructing your walkway. You also need to be aware of unruly individuals. Large, long events tend to include alcohol and occasional fighting. By keeping aware of your surroundings you can limit your risk of getting yourself hurt or possibly hurting someone else.
  2. Be smart with your valuables: Large crowds are a great place for a pick-pocket or thief to hide. When attending an event with this type of crowd always be aware of where your cell phone, wallet or purse is located. Keep your cell phone and wallet in a front pocket (if a pocket buttons or zippers, that is even better) and your purse close to your side. Also, be aware of who may be near you and what is going on around you. When you take money out, don’t make it known how much cash you may be carrying.
  3. Know your limits:  It is easier than you think to lose track of how much you have had to drink, especially at these types of events that last many hours. You are out in the sun all day, having a good time, and before you know it you have had a few drinks too many. It is important to know when to stop. If you are drinking remember to have a designated driver in the group, and always be aware of other drivers on the road. You never know how much someone else has had to drink and with that many cars coming in and out of the area danger may not be far.

Stay safe in large crowds, but if you have been injured due to a large crowd or out-of-hand event, speak with a reputable personal injury attorney to find out your rights. 

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