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Coronavirus FAQ

April FAQ LaBovick

Can I take legal action if I was exposed to Coronavirus on a cruise ship?

Yes. The cruise industry is now held accountable for the safety of its passengers, which means taking the necessary steps to work to keep sicknesses as coronavirus contained. If a cruise line does not follow protocol, passengers could potentially file a lawsuit for negligence. For example, you may have a case if you believe cruise ship crew members were negligent in:

  • Failing to screen sick passengers
  • Failing to keep sick passengers quarantined from healthy passengers
  • Failing to clean the ship after sick passengers leave

So what should you do if you believe you or a loved one may have been exposed to coronavirus on a recent cruise? Of course, you should first watch for signs and symptoms of the coronavirus to develop and be in touch with your healthcare provider. On the legal side, there are a few important steps you should take immediately to increase the likelihood of a successful case: get proper evidence, take quick action, and hire a South Florida lawyer. Learn more here:

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