I was laid off due to coronavirus. Is it too late to pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim?

April FAQ 2 LaBovick

I was injured on the job a few months ago but didn’t file my claim. Now I was laid off by my employer due to Coronavirus — is it too late to pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim?

Generally, the answer to that question is NO. As long as you reported the accident within 30 days to your supervisor or HR department, you can still pursue a Florida Workers’ Compensation claim despite being laid off due to COVID-19. Why? Because the Workers’ Compensation insurance follows you wherever you go/while on the job hunt or remaining safely at home. You will not lose the constitutional right to file a claim just because you were let go. Losing your job WILL NOT force you to lose the essential medical benefits and lost wages you are entitled to under the Florida Workers’ Compensation system. For more information on layoffs during the COVID-19 crisis, visit our blog. We highly recommend you call the experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys at LaBovick Law Group to discuss your rights.

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