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Why Was My Disability Claim Denied?

There is numerous reasons your claim for social security disability benefits was denied. Maybe you haven’t been out of work for the required 12 months yet? Or your conditions don’t prevent you from working in any capacity? The most common reason a claim for disability benefits is denied is due to a lack of evidence supporting the claim.

When applying for social security disability benefits you are claiming that due to a combination of physical and psychological limitations, you are not only precluded from performing the work you have done in the past but also from performing any other type of work in the national economy. Your limitations are proven through the use of medical records. If you do not have medical records documenting the severity of your conditions and/or limitations, then there will be no proof as to work preclusion. Medical evidence can include physical examinations and treatment notes, mental health records, laboratory testing, imagining studies including MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, etc. There is a long list of what counts as medical evidence. The bottom line is to win the SSD case you need to have some sort of medical treatment documenting your condition and/or limitations.

You may find yourself in a situation where you do not have health insurance. How do you obtain evidence to support your disability without health insurance? That is a major problem most people applying for social security disability benefits face. In those satiations, you should reach out to your state’s Medicaid program or check to see if the county you live in provides health insurance for low-income individuals. Another option is to look into the free or low-cost clinics in your area.

If you are unable to work due to a physical and/or psychological condition but are unable to afford medical treatment it is IMPERATIVE you reach out to an attorney for help. An experienced social security attorney will be able to help you secure the medical benefits you need to prove your claim. If you are having difficulty obtaining medical treatment but think you have a condition that prevents you from working, call the LaBovick Law Group and we will discuss your situation with you. If you qualify for SSD we will help you obtain the necessary medical treatment so we can win your case. I have created a useful reference link on my profile page that you may find helpful.

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