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What conditions automatically qualify you for social security disability?

nonepileptic seizures

What conditions automatically qualify you for social security disability?

There are many conditions that will automatically qualify you for social security disability. For example:

Musculoskeletal Problems

Fibromyalgia, back injuries and degenerative disc disease can wreak havoc on your bones and joints and may automatically qualify you for SSD. Problems affecting the joints, muscles, and/or bones may qualify without question. Musculoskeletal issues like rheumatoid arthritis or a herniated disk can cause permanent pain or aggravation.

Respiratory Illnesses

Some respiratory problems such as COPD may be enough to receive disability insurance. Asthma is one of the top respiratory illnesses reported to the SSA. People who have complications from chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, or pneumonia may also automatically qualify for SSD.

Blood Disorders

Blood cancers such as lymphoma, myeloma, and leukemia – any disease affecting white blood cells, platelets, or red blood cells will likely get you on disability. The important distinction that affects qualification is the severity of the disease. Other blood disorders that may qualify automatically are anemia and hemophilia.

Immune Disorders

Immune disorders like HIV/AIDS and rheumatoid arthritis are guaranteed to qualify you for SSD. You can also use SSD for lupus, kidney disease, and other immune disorders.

Cardiovascular Conditions

Cardiovascular conditions such as chronic heart failure and coronary artery disease qualify automatically for SSD.

Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy, epilepsy, frontotemporal dementia and brain tumors may automatically qualify you for SSD.

Sense and Speech Issues

Vision loss and blindness, hearing loss and speech loss are sensitive issues that can qualify for SSD benefits.

Mental Disorders

Autism is one of the most common mental disorders that qualify for benefits. Other disorders that may qualify include depression, anxiety, and intellectual disabilities like dyslexia.

The Compassionate Allowances List

Some problems are so serious that Social Security will immediately approve your benefits upon receiving proof of diagnosis. This is so you can utilize benefits as quickly as possible. ALS is one such disease. Acute leukemia and Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease both can accelerate quickly, as well as certain cancers and carcinomas.

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