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The Dangers of Testosterone Therapy — What Manufacturers Didn’t Want You to Know

Mother Nature knows best!  She’s also pretty mean when we mess with her system. She doesn’t like it when we put metal or plastic parts in our bodies to replace joints, and she certainly doesn’t like it when we mess with our brain chemistry. Now she’s showing us that we can’t even pump up the natural levels of our own testosterone, or she’ll smack us down. There are no safe health-related shortcuts. The miracle of modern medicine will not create perfect ageless bodies without some payment in return.  I’m not talking about money payment.  I’m talking about your health.

To be honest, I wish it weren’t true.  I’d love to get back to 24 years old and have those cut abs! I would especially like it if I could do it by taking a pill, a shot, or using special deodorant under my armpits. But, alas, it won’t work without extracting a grave price on our total health.

Recently we have been receiving more inquiries on testosterone-induced strokes and heart attacks.  You can’t drive down the highway without seeing an ad for testosterone therapy.  What these ads don’t tell you is that the drug causes an increased risk for heart attacks and strokes. In fact, Androgel, one if the most popular brands of testosterone even have a warning on its label (like anyone reads the label).

“Low – T” is the official diagnosis for needed testosterone therapy.  What does Low-T actually mean?  Low testosterone was a fertility diagnosis used to determine whether infertility was due to a low T or low sperm count problem.  But low-T comes along with belly fat, which incidentally converts testosterone to estrogen.  So, men who took testosterone therapy got a double bonus of increased fertility and a reduced waistline.  That fact started the niche medical practice of a men’s medical issue clinic, which really means getting middle-aged men on hormone therapy to help them get fit and toned.

While testosterone can legally be used and prescribed by doctors to fight the loss of muscle mass and the natural decline of testosterone levels in the body, it is illegal for the manufacturer to market this “use” for their product because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not approve the drug for that purpose.  Manufacturers took an aggressive advertising approach bypassing the doctors and going directly to consumers. So men started to ask their doctors for the product, and voilà, the Men’s Health Clinic was born!

And so began a revolution in low-T prescriptions… The numbers increased from an obscure infertility process affecting a few thousand men to more than 430 million prescriptions (with refills) today for men who now started on the “therapy.”  There is a quantum change in the “need” for T!  The market capitalization for testosterone is now $1.6 billion.

It’s now time to pay Mother Nature’s bill. There is a rash, almost an epidemic, of increased high blood pressure, blood clots in the legs, heart attacks, strokes and other serious problems. These negative health consequences are especially evident in men with a history of underlying undiagnosed heart, kidney or liver disease. Looking good never felt so bad!

Due to the popularity of the treatment, a number of testosterone brands have popped up.  Some of these Low-T treatment brands include Androderm, Axiron, Bio-T-Gel, Delatestryl, Depo-Testosterone, Fortesta, Striant, Testim and Testopel.

Men who have suffered these terrible side effects are now taking action against the manufacturers by filing lawsuits to recoup their damages. No one warned them about the serious side effects of looking good.  Doctors, clinic owners, and manufacturers alike enjoy the cash payments and high-profit margins of this medical practice.  The medical studies are now coming out with strong evidence that even men who started the therapy with clear arteries had coronary artery disease at the end of the study.  The health benefits of T-Therapy simply do not outweigh the negative health effects.  What is worse is that the lawsuits expose that the manufacturers knew about these negative effects and intentionally hid them from the medical community.  The government studies clearly show the negative effects, but the question is whether the manufacturers’ initial experiments should the same negative effect.   It looks like that is the case.  If so, then the men who relied on taking a safe product have a valid claim for damages. They also have grounds to file suit for punitive damages, meant to punish these manufacturers for intentionally misleading the medical community and the public.

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