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Who Does an Auto Insurance Policy Cover?

Auto insurance policies cover different people in different ways. So, when you ask who an auto insurance policy covers it depends on which insurance you’re talking about. Each car involved in an accident is going to have a different level of insurance. There are a lot of segments that go along with auto insurance in the state of Florida. One of those segments is going to cover the medical bills. While another segment of the insurance might cover property damage.

Let us look at the driver of the vehicle that is not at fault. He is going to have property damage insurance that will cover the other driver’s car. Hopefully the other driver has insurance that will cover his car since he is not at fault. He is also going to have personal injury protection or “PIP” that is going to cover his own medical bills. The non at-fault driver might be lucky enough to also have medical payments insurance. That will add to the existing coverage and give him more protection and pay for more medical bills. He might also have rental reimbursement included in his insurance. This will get him a rental car while his car is being repaired or in the time it takes to total his vehicle and get him a check to buy a new vehicle.

There is a lot of auto insurance out there but the one that people really think about when there is a lawsuit involved with two cars that hit each other is bodily injury insurance. Bodily injury (BI) protects you from being sued if you hurt somebody else.

But what if I’m a passenger in a car and I’m hurt, who is going to pay for my injuries?

The coverage is going to come from the other person’s bodily injury insurance. If they are uninsured then hopefully you, as a driver in Florida, have uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage. (These two things are locked into one policy in Florida.) If you have that insurance and the other person is uninsured your insurance will protect you.

When you go into an agent for insurance and you look at what is protected you need to know that each segment of insurance protects a different aspect of what happens in an insurance case.  Make sure to get enough insurance so that you are protected in case of an accident.

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