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The Only 5 Questions Needed To Make A Lawyer Take Your Auto Accident Case

There are only 5 things a personal injury lawyer wants to know before taking on your automobile accident case.  Yes, there are a lot of specific facts that they will need to delve into.  No personal injury case is exactly the same, thus the use of the term “personal.”  However, if you can answer the following five questions correctly you will get a personal injury lawyer’s attention pretty darn quick!

1. Were you involved in an accident that involved an automobile in any way?

YES or NO?  No explanation is needed.  Just a simple yes or no.  It could be that an automobile almost ran into you while jogging and you jumped off the side of the road and hurt yourself.  This is an automobile accident personal injury case.  Yes, a T-Bone is also a case, and yes a rear-end collision is a case, etc.!

2. Was the accident 100% your fault?

YES or NO?  If the accident was 95% your fault you have a case!  This is especially true if you have a catastrophic injury.  We have taken cases where our client was ALMOST 100% at fault and gotten a settlement because the other party was still at least 5% at fault!

3.  Are you having a medical problem as a result of the accident?

YES or NO?  If you have an exacerbation of a prior medical problem, that is a new problem. This means you HAVE a case.  It is also a case if you have a small medical problem. It’s not likely a big case, but it is STILL a case.  You will get money.

4 . Do you or the other party at fault have insurance? 

YES or NO?  No lawyer works on the principles of justice alone. Those of us who believe in what we do and feel like our job is to help the injured and to right, the wrongs of insurance companies, big corporations, or irresponsible people hurting our clients are the best of the personal injury world.  We STILL NEED a deep pocket from whom we can collect.  Getting a million-dollar judgment that is not collectible is no victory for anyone.  Insurance is the easiest way to get our clients paid.  That is why it is SO important to get yourself good insurance.  You are welcome to call us for a free consultation on what insurance you have and what it covers.  This is a great educational gift from our firm to you.  Don’t hesitate to call and ask for that consultation!

5 . Did the accident happen in the last 4 years? 

YES or NO.  In Florida, the Statute of Limitations on auto accidents is 4 years.  After that time period, there is no way to bring the lawsuit and therefore no way to collect.  That is a long time.  The practical truth is that if you don’t have a claim pending in the first few months you likely have harmed your claim so significantly that no quality lawyer will want to take your case.  The best cases are ones that call a lawyer who knows how to properly build the medical documentation soon after the accident.  Medical documentation is the best evidence of your injury.  Getting that accomplished is half the battle.  I guarantee that an accomplished and experienced personal injury attorney in your community knows the right places to get the right documentation.  Don’t ever risk seeing an insurance doctor by accident.  They have the ability to intentionally ruin your ability to bring a personal injury case.  I have had clients come to our office weeks after an accident, after seeing a doctor on their health insurance plan, who they did not know was also a doctor who completed medical exams for the insurance industry.  Many of these doctors earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year protecting insurance companies but undermining Plaintiff’s cases! Beware those doctors as they are NOT to be trusted.

Bonus QuestionHow do injury lawyers get paid? 

Every one of us is paid the same:  CONTINGENCY FEE.  That means we don’t get paid until we get money for you.  No risk to the client, great payoff when we win for both the client and the lawyer.  We like being a partner in the case with you.  It keeps us both working together to maximize the value of your injury claim.

That is it.  Simple!  If you answered the 5 questions and want a free consultation please don’t hesitate to call us.  We love to help clients understand their automobile insurance and what coverage’s they really have purchased.

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