Child Car Seats: Important New Guidelines Parents Must Know!

The study found that 53% of infant seats demonstrated head contact with the front seatback, while 96% of rear-facing convertibles prevented it.  Consumer Reports tested a group of infant seats that include a detachable carrier and found that a 22-pound dummy (an average 12 month old) suffered a head strike against the front seatback with 16 of the 30 tested models (53%).  When Consumer Reports tested rear-facing convertible models with the same 22-pound dummy, they found that dummy’s head contacted the front seatback with only one of the 25 convertible models tested (4%).  They found that the longer shells and shape of the convertible seats provided additional space between the dummy’s head and the simulated seatback preventing direct contact of the head.


Infant safety is always a huge concern for all of us.  All parents need to keep up to date on the latest information regarding child car seats in order to keep their children safe.  Unfortunately, many drivers on the road do not pay attention.  Accidents happen all the time and being up to date on your child seat requirements may help protect those who mean the most to you.

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