Why Can’t I file My Social Security Disability Application Online?

While filing your application online is typically the easiest way to go, there are also times when you may not be able to submit the form online. This may be for several reasons. One of the main reasons you are not able to file online is because you already have an application pending. If you have a pending application you will not be able to submit a second one. Or, if you have received a denial notice and you are within the 60-day time frame for which you can appeal the denial, you will need to submit an appeal online.


The system will not allow you to start a whole new application within that 6- day time frame. Another reason you may not be able to submit your application online is if you are already receiving retirement benefits. Sometimes, the social security computer system will not allow an individual already receiving retirement benefits to then file a disability application. This does not mean you are not eligible to receive disability and retirement at the same time. It only means there is a computer glitch and a paper application will need to be filed. Another common reason you will not be able to file an application online is if your social security number, name, and birthdate do not match up. If this is the case, you should call your local SSA office as soon as possible to fix whatever type is occurring. An example of this is if you are born on May 25, 1965, but social security has your birthdate as May 24, 1965. This may seem like a minor error, but it will need to be corrected with social security so that any benefits from the SSA program can be administered.

If you are having trouble filing your application online, or even appealing a recent denial online, seek help from an experienced Social Security disability attorney. Oftentimes it is an easy fix that can be answered relatively quickly by someone who has worked with the program for many years. Save yourself the stress and hire an attorney to manage your claim.

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